Cameras Outside Schools To Deter Parents From Parking Illegally: Would It Work?

Cameras Outside Schools For Lazy Parkers

A council in south Devon is considering issuing school crossing volunteers with cameras on top of their lollipops in an effort to stop parents from parking illegally when they're on the school run.

If you've got little ones of school age and you're in the habit of driving them to school, chances are you've encountered the problem of parents parking illegally. It's likely held you up, majorly inconvenienced you, and possibly even endangered yours or your child's life.

I've written previously about being gobsmacked on a daily basis by the choices parents and carers make when dropping their children off at school. I'll never understand the mentality of parents who put other people's lives at risk just so they can take the shortest route possible from the car to the school gates.

I know what it's like to drop older kids to school when you've got a baby or younger children accompanying you on the school run, too, so I don't buy the excuse that illegal parking outside school gates is all about making life easier when you're carrying a toddler or dashing to the school door while a baby sleeps in the car.

To my mind there's no excuse for illegal parking when you're dropping kids at school or collecting them at the end of the day.

We shouldn't have to waste precious public funds or school resources on deploying cameras outside every school or on every lollipop stick in order to dissuade parents from parking illegally – parents should simply put their need for convenience second to the safety of other families.

Why don't more parents recognise the importance of being a role model for their kids? If you abandon your car on the zig zag lines outside your child's car, totally obscuring the view of other drivers, don't you realise that you're effectively showing your child that selfishness is excusable?

And why should school crossing volunteers be tasked with policing illegal parking? I detest the idea of the lollipop lady at my son's school being distracted from helping him cross the road safely by the need to tackle some lazy parent who won't park sensibly unless the lollipop lady intervenes.

I find it difficult to believe that the kind of parent who parks illegally on the school run would be deterred from doing so by the thought of being caught on camera, either. You surely have to have the mentality of being above the law to justify being an illegal school run parker, so I reckon the threat of being filmed would have little to no effect.

I much prefer the idea of enabling other parents to issue parking tickets to parents who park illegally during the school run. I'd happily sign up for that scheme and would enjoy dishing out a few to those persistent pesky offenders.

But what's your view? Should schools invest in cameras to deter parents from parking dangerously or illegally outside schools? Take part in our poll to have your say.


  • Karen W.

    Good idea some park in the most stupid places makes crossings dangerous for both adults n kids

  • Neil W.

    Cameras with pellet guns attached. Someone parks illegally they got shot :grin:

  • Georgina Y.

    Anything that goes any way to making the roads around school safer can only be a good thing. I can't see a logical reason for anyone not liking this idea (unless they're the ones being dangerous in the first place I suppose... in which case, it's hard to find sympathy)

    • Ålan �.

      Don't you think it would be better to invest on fixing the actual problem tho, rather than focussing on punishment for parents?. I can only see this making side streets more dangerous. Here in the USA they build carpool lanes, the parents pull up and staff and volunteers grab the back doors a bit like a valet and the kids get out and enter the school. They can empty 10-15 cars at a time, in a dedicated lane, so it all just shuffles along. Nothing dangerous and no fines or punishment or 'them vs us' involved.

    • Paula W.

      Over here most school entrances are on residential side roads mine is and the road is always clogged up and so are surrounding streets most of the children only live no more than 15 mins away which isn't far to walk but parents instead use there cars I have to use my car to get to school as i live far out of the area i park 5mins walk away sensibly not hard wouldn't dream of parking outside of school bad enough trying to cross the road. I do like how over in USA u have the carpool lane and it is a good idea just not feasible to do that at majority of the schools over here

  • Nicole C.

    Wish they were outside my son's school, one particular parent parks wherever they please and it's dangerous

  • Amanda P.

    Could do with these at my girls school.. Its not just bad parking, its driving on the bloody pavements too. Makes my blood boil!

  • Lisa W.

    As long as the footage is filmed by a trained qualified person with a CRB check not some random volunteer with a camera hanging around school gates!!! :angry:

  • Alison B.

    - what do you think?!!!! :thinking:

    • Samantha T.

      I think that needs to go on the next agenda!!!

  • Tara G.

    No it wouldn't. I'm sick of other parent parking right on the corners of the road up on the pavement. Yes I'm a driver and have never or would even think of doing it. THANK YOU TO ALK THOSE THAT DO AT ELLISON ST PRIMERY SCHOOL you put children at risk as we can't see what's coming but then again you don't care do you or you wouldn't do it

    • Michelle F.

      I'm a driver too and think the way some people park is disgusting and dangerous! Some people only live at the top of the street too, lazy mares! :rage:

  • Michelle F.

    Gets me angry when they park on pavements and then start reversing on the bloody pavement!! I'm walking on the pavement with a buggy and a 5 yr old! :rage: Park properly further away and bloody walk!! :rage:

  • Neil W.

    I've flagged it to my school a few times but they're not fussed. Even flagged it to my local MP to do something and she wasn't arsed either

    • Mike J.

      What can the school do about it though?

    • Neil W.

      They can get in touch with the council to ensure the necessary road markings and signs are displayed and once they are and people continue to park illegally then the council can issue on the spot tickets

    • Paula W.

      My school did that and we also had a police presence camera and traffic warden no one parked there for 2 days then they went and everyone carried on parking where they wanted

    • Neil W.

      These people would soon kick off if god forbid there was an accident involving their own children due to inconsiderate parking

  • Annika H.

    think this is needed for some individuals :thumbsup_tone1:

    • Sarah B.

      Yes definetly:thumbsup: right after they can tell the difference between the path and the road :neutral_face:xxxx

  • Kelly A.

    Sick to death of people parking on the path right outside our school, cant get past sometimes. or parking on double yellows so you cant see whats coming, bellends. ill take a wing mirror off before ill walk on the road with my push chair because people cant park right.

  • Emmanuell A.

    Wow, lets make a hops even more totalitarian than they already are! Picking you kids up whilst wearing trainers.... lets fine it too.

  • Lisa L.

    Yes catch these idiots who think it's normal and ok or even slightly safe to park half on path rite outside a school :rage::rage:

  • Stacey M.

    I think they have the good idea with cameras out side the gate but not for parking for keeping eye on the children and anything or anyone that shouldn't be there or things shouldn't be happening that more important that who park to close to the gate or on yellows

  • Campbell C.

    Parking or turning circle should be provided times have changed

  • Donna Y.

    if we were not allowed to . park illegally we wouldnt get our kids into school where my son goes but noone parks on oavment luckily x

  • Lisa K.

    Bring them down my road as a trail only things is we dont have issues with parents as they dont stay we have problems with the rude arogant teachers/staff that go to the school.

  • Lj S.

    Y put cameras up county council should just send a ticket man every day sorted.

    • Rebecca K.

      Nice and much needed little earner for the school. :thumbsup:

  • Anna S.

    I still don't think it would stop some people. Our headteacher is forever sending emails out to tell parents to stop being such retards when parking. It's got worse as our school just increased our intake so has taken a load of out of catchment children so more driving in. I don't understand why they don't just park a few roads back and walk from there!

  • Jacqueline L.

    People literally park for a few minutes while they take kids to school does it matter there's never parking near schools x

    • Michelle E.

      Yes it does matter both my children have almost been hit by cars to the point I have to slam on a window to get drivers attention... so yes it does matter maybe if drivers parked properly it wouldn't then.:rage:

  • Jacqueline L.

    It is hazardous but if you live miles from school what can you do xx

    • Louise R.

      Drive but follow the rules of the road as we drivers were taught to do. Don't park on the school markings don't park in such a manner that makes it hazardous to other road users or pedestrians. Simple:)

    • Jacqueline L.

      Well I don't drive I live right opposite our school I just feel everyone's frustration it's always chaotic out there

  • Louise R.

    I think its a good idea. Im fed up of inconsiderate drivers that think there kids are to precious to walk more then a few metres so have to park as close to the school gates as possible. Im a driver and i drive my child to school but always manage to find a parking bay or use the near by carpark... Its not difficult it just pure laziness and its just getting worse.. Something needs to be done.

  • Karen R.

    At our school it seems to be the done thing to park across the back of spaces that are empty. So not only are they making it more difficult for people to drive around the car park and get in and out of the spaces opposite, they are also blocking empty spaces that people can use!

  • Francesca M.

    this would be great for our road!! X

  • Victoria B.

    Good idea, my school is horrendous

  • Alison I.

    Yes! Got one idiot parking on the pavement and another blatantly parks on the yellow lines!

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