Buggy Lane At Chessington World Of Adventures

Buggy Lane At Chessington

The whole notion of a buggy lane for parents with prams is controversial at the best of times, but now Chessington World of Adventures Resort has introduced its first ever Buggy Lane to ensure mums and dads can transport their toddlers without having to swerve around other families as they enjoy their day out.

The 100-metre lane is being trialled from Wild Wood to The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, the Resort's most popular toddler ride, in an attempt to reduce 'pram jams' during peak times.

Sasha Kingsley, Buggy Lane Supervisor at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, said:

"At this time of year we see a huge number of parents with prams visit the Resort with their toddlers, and we expect the number this August to be even higher this year with the introduction of The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, which is much loved by young children."

"We want visitors to have an unforgettable experience when they visit us at Chessington, and hope the introduction of our Buggy Lane will mean an even better trip for families. "

Genius idea, no? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Would the introduction of a buggy lane encourage you to do family days out with buggy at places like Chessington World of Adventures, or are you of the view that folk should just be more considerate of pram-pushers?

I must have already written about the time a man called me a "parasite" for having the audacity to push my child's pushchair along the pavement without stepping into the road to let him pass. You only need one experience like that with Joe Public to persuade you that buggy lanes are a brilliant idea.

Yes, it would be lovely if people were generally considerate of pram-pushers but for all those who offer to help when they see us struggling with buggies up a flight of steps, there as as many who tut if you so much as inadvertently cause them to slow their pace for even a nanosecond.

So I'm all in favour of the buggy lane, but what's your view? Leave us a comment here or some and join the conversation over on our Facebook page.


  • Joanna P.

    We were at Chessington on Tuesday and never noticed a buggy lane near the Gruffalo ride :thinking: and it was packed with people

  • Zaneta M.

    Not for us but Im looking forward to the Gruffalo ride!

  • Sabrina G.

    We were there on Saturday and we never noticed a buggy lane... The ride was fantastic though! My four year old absolutely loved it, my two year old was a bit scared of finding the gruffalo and my three month old was happily asleep in the baby carrier!! X

    • Sabrina G.

      And to note, We were there on a busy Saturday and the Pram was not a problem, there were plenty of pram parks around... I'd go again happily, we had a lovely day! X

  • Laura A.

    We didn't see one when we went Thursday. It wasn't particularly busy either.

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