Should Breastfeeding Women Sit In A Corner?

Nigel Farage on breastfeeding

I hardly know where to begin with this. So let me just come right out and repeat the facts. Nigel Farage appears to have suggested that it's acceptable for an establishment like Claridge's to ask breastfeeding women to sit in a corner whilst nursing their babies.

The hotel sparked a media furore this week after asking a mother to breastfeed underneath a cloth.

The Guardian reports:

Nigel Farage has backed the decision of Claridge’s hotel to ask a breastfeeding woman to cover up, saying that mothers should “perhaps sit in the corner” when they breastfeed.

The leader of the UK Independence Party said he didn't feel strongly about the issue of breastfeeding in public but added that "people of the older generation feel awkward and embarrassed by it". He also suggested that women ought to feed their babies in a way that wasn't ostentatious.

During a radio interview, Farage was asked whether women should be told to breastfeed their babies in the toilets, to which he replied:

"“Or perhaps sit in the corner, or whatever it might be – that’s up to Claridge’s. It’s not an issue that I get terribly hung up about, but I know particularly people of the older generation feel awkward and embarrassed by it.”

I will never wrap my head around why anyone can get their knickers in a twist about a woman using her mammaries as Nature intended them to be used, and yet we still have women posing topless in the pages of national newspapers.

He later added:

“Let me get this clear, as I said on the radio and as I repeat now, I personally have no problem with mothers breastfeeding wherever they want,” he said. “What I said was - and it is immensely frustrating that I have to explain this - is that if the establishment in question, in this case Claridge’s, wants to maintain rules about this stuff, then that is up to them, as it should be. I remarked that perhaps they might ask women to sit in a corner. Did I say I believe they should have to? No. Did I say I personally endorse this concept? No."

Hmm. So what's your view? 

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  • danielps2fan
    Excreting ANY bodily fluids from ANY orifice in the middle of a restaurant can be extremely unhygienic, not to mention bad manners. I fail to see how enforcing this rule in a restaurant is in anyway discriminating a women who chooses to breastfeed her child. Or should we allow the sense of entitlement some mothers insist on and let them change nappies on the dining table.
  • playingdevilsadvocate
    I'm sorry, but I don't even see why people want to feed their babies in public. My Mother had 5 children, she never once fed any of us in a public place. Yes, the baby needs feeding at certain times, so why go out when you know those times are coming up? Is it suddenly vitally urgent for you to go out for coffee mornings or luxury lunches? As for Claridges, why would you even take a baby into Claridges? People pay a lot of money to enjoy the food, ambience etc, do they want to share it with a, possibly screaming baby or to be gazing around and suddenly see a woman with her breasts out? Why would the Mother do that? If she is paying that kind of money then surely she wants to be enjoying the meal too. Why not wait until the child is a little older? Yes, it's 'natural' but so is urinating. I don't want to see that either. As for comparing it to 'Page 3', I do get the choice of avoiding that paper. It seems to me that Mothers these days want to be everywhere, doing everything they did before they became parents. Why not put your child first and stay at home, in a warm, clean & comfortable area where the baby can enjoy its 'meal' in peace?
  • mann242
    Must have been a day short of news - I just listened to Nigel Farage's comments and in my opinion he didn't say anything controversial in fact the opposite. Seemed to be a case of making a mountain out of a mole hill... I guess the truth is some people aren't comfortable with breastfeeding in public (doesn't bother me) but surely what he said made sense. (and I am in no way a fan or follower of him closer to the opposite) But when I heard that a mass breastfeeding sit in protest was being considered I did think that was the sad reaction of the other extreme to this story.

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