Does Breastfeeding Make Babies Brainier?

Breastfeeding Mum

Another day, another breastfeeding story all over the news.

Today it's all down to the fact that a new study suggests that there's a link between breastfeeding and intelligence.

The BBC reports:

The research in Brazil traced nearly 3,500 babies, from all walks of life, and found those who had been breastfed for longer went on to score higher on IQ tests as adults.

Experts say the results, while not conclusive, appear to back current advice that babies should be exclusively breastfed for six months. 

But they say mothers should still have a choice about whether or not to do it.

Cue all sorts of discussions online and in the media about whether mums feel bullied into breastfeeding.

Bizarrely, even Katie Hopkins has waded into the discussion with an uncharacteristic comment, telling mothers "there is no one model for what's right" and "there certainly isn't a version which is wrong – no matter what the Mumsnet mafia might want you to believe".

Speaking very personally, I never felt bullied into breastfeeding, although I realise I was fortunate. I've had three children, all of whom I was able to breastfeed, and I didn't really encounter any of the aggressive 'breastapo' approach to breastfeeding, which friends say they experienced.

What's your view? Did you feel under pressure to breastfeed?

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