Ben and Sarah Officially The UK's Clumsiest

The UK's Clumsiest Names Revealed

Bad news for Bens and sad times for Sarahs.

According to new data published by tech repair specialist iSmash, people named Ben or Sarah are most likely to damage their phone handsets.

The data also exposes men to be the clumsier sex, suffering more mobile-related blunders than women and accounting for 76% of UK phone breakages in the last three months.

After Sarah, the women most likely to suffer a broken mobile phone are Emmas, Lauras, Charlottes and Lucys. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a Rebecca or Anna, it’s quite likely that your phone is in safe hands, since those names rank at the bottom of the clumsy list along with Jonathan and Ian.

Julian Shovlin, founder of iSmash, said: “We carried out the research to see if there was any correlation that might exist between names and phone breakages, with the results suggesting that certain names have less luck than others. Damaging your phone is always very inconvenient and if your name is on the list, I would suggest buying a case to help save you from future breakages."

The study follows recent figures released by iSmash which ranked the clumsiest regions in the UK collated from 160,000 online searches. The North was officially named the most precarious place to own – and smash – a phone.

I'm glad to see my name's not on the list but also a little surprised, if I'm honest. I've lost track of the number of times I've dropped or damaged my phone, and that includes at least two that ended up in the toilet (keeping it in your back pocket is a very bad idea...) and more than one that met a watery grave in the sea. Yes, really.

Want to check if your name is on the list of the UK’s 30 clumsiest names? Brace yourself. And maybe consider putting your phone down while you read through this list:

  1. Ben
  2. James
  3. David
  4. Paul
  5. Sarah
  6. Mark
  7. Richard
  8. Andrew
  9. Alex
  10. Chris
  11. John
  12. Michael
  13. Daniel
  14. Emma
  15. Simon
  16. Matthew
  17. Robert
  18. Laura
  19. Charlotte
  20. Philip
  21. Nick
  22. Peter
  23. Tom
  24. Lucy
  25. Sam
  26. Stephen
  27. Anna
  28. Rebecca
  29. Ian
  30. Jonathan

The top five clumsiest men are:

  1. Ben
  2. James
  3. David
  4. Paul
  5. Mark

And the top five clumsiest women:

  1. Sarah
  2. Emma
  3. Laura
  4. Charlotte
  5. Lucy

Good news though – until the end of August, ismash is offering £10 off repairs for anyone called Ben or Sarah when booked online at

We'd love to hear what you make of this data. Is your name on the list and does it ring true? Tag a clumsy mate or come and join the conversation over on our Facebook page.


  • Tiffany M.

    Haha this is so true! Xxx

  • Sarah S.

    Tis a true story :grin::grin:

  • Sarah G.

    Yes I can't deny this :joy:

  • Sarah C.

    I am notoriously clumsy :joy:

  • Sarah S.

    This is actually very true :joy:

  • Sarah B.

    I think we already knew this lol

  • Sarah M.

    It's 100% true, we're a pair of whoppers

  • Ben C.

    :joy::joy::joy: it's upsetting how accurate this is to me lol

  • Sarah W.

    Ha ha that's probably true xx

  • Sarah H.

    Oh for goodness sake. How random! :persevere:

  • Jennifer C.

    Isn't that like a list of most popular names lol

  • Sarah M.

    Haha well I don't class myself as clumsy but if it's on the internet it must be true

  • Ben E.

    This explains a lot!! No wonder I trip over patterns in carpets :joy::joy::eyes:

  • Ben W.

    Well I guess everyone knows now :joy::joy::joy:

  • Sarah K.

    I'm no clumsy.

  • Gaynor M.

    Oh I have now clicked on the article and apparently Rebecca is the opposite side of the clumsy spectrum! It does seem to just apply to mobile phones though.

  • Sarah M.

    Yeah this list is i suppose! :rolling_eyes: My names on all of these lists though!!!

  • Andy G.

    I made the list too, me clumsy?

  • Sarah D.

    I've got a perfect phone :joy::ok_hand_tone2:

  • Sarah B.

    Only when I'm eating haha

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