Baby Showers: Bonkers Or Brilliant?

Baby Showers: Bonkers Or Brilliant?

Did you have a baby shower before your little one's arrival?

I went into labour two weeks early on the day of my baby shower so I never got to experience one for myself, but it certainly seems they're a social norm these days.

But how much would you spend organising your own baby shower?

According to the Daily Mail, mums in Australia routinely spend upwards of £150 on organising their own baby shower. The paper reports:

"But new research by BabyLove now shows that one in two Australian mums hold a baby shower for her impending child, with nearly half of these women investing over $300 AUD on the event. And from unisex parties to at-home sacred 'Blessingways', baby showers are becoming more commonplace - and more creative - than they once were."

From unisex baby showers that subvert the traditional 'ladies only' guest list to baby showers that double as 'gender reveal' parties, it seems anything goes at a modern baby shower.

And with the rise of celebrity baby showers - yes, I'm talking about the pics of the baby shower Kim Kardashian threw for Chrissy Teigen - it looks like baby showers are only going to become a bigger 'thing'.

So are you a fan? Do you think a baby shower (or indeed a blessingway ceremony) is a lovely way to mark the passage into motherhood, or do you think we've all gone a bit bonkers when it comes to baby showers? We'd love to hear your views - leave us a comment below or join the debate over on our Facebook page.


  • Stefni E.

    Just an excuse to get more gifts rather pointless to be honest. Iv never had any and wouldn't

  • Laura R.

    No, never had one (two years ago)

  • Alison S.

    I didn't have one but I've been to some really beautiful and fun ones of my friends!

  • Sarah G.

    I don't object to people having one or attending them but it's not for me. Too much attention and I wouldn't want to invite a load of people just to get gifts!! Awkward

  • Christina S.

    Not keen, an American thing that seems to have caught on over here. Not for me I'm afraid.

  • Helen L.

    1 for every baby is a bit much. 'Yay - you had sex, good for you' :smile:

  • Kimberley H.

    I haven't had one for either of my babies, but then I didn't have a hen do either. I'm either really simple and easy going or really fooking boring, I'm not sure which yet lol!

  • Danielle C.

    Never had one, the thought makes me cringe Tbh.

  • Melissa A.

    I had one with my first and it was lovely. Just close family and friends and we had afternoon tea in my garden. Will be having another in June for my second aswell. I think it's nice to have a little gathering to celebrate.

  • Tasha B.

    I think it's nice for first baby but not for subsequent babies as it just seems like asking for gifts to me!I would feel greedy having one for my 2nd!

  • Susanne A.

    Too Americanised

  • Jodi L.

    I'm not keen at all!! I'd never have one and I'd never attend one!!

  • Louise C.

    To me baby showers aret about the gifts! I had one for both my children and it was a chance to get together with family and friends, play games, chat eat and drink before baby arrived. I knew I wouldn't be up to being that sociable for a while so why not enjoy it why I could!

    • Melissa A.

      Well said. It's not about presents but a nice way to meet with people before the baby is born.

  • Sammi B.

    I never had one for any of my babies, it would have been nice as a last chance to get together before you get lost in the world of motherhood tho. Wouldn't have been fussed with the silly games or gifts tho

  • Melanie A.

    Never bothered having one with either of my children I think you get enough gifts once they are born. Have been to one baby shower in the past it was nice but nothing more than an excuse for all the non pregnant woman to have a drink and the pregnant woman to be given gifts X

  • Magi B.

    brill idea didni have one wi ma 3boys, but fab idea when u get together wi ur pals nae booze, fabby day for mummy and baby, cani wait ti be a granny noo lol x

  • Nicola W.

    Just jumping on the American band wagon

  • Jodie H.

    I had one for each of my two babies, I never asked for either my cousin just organised them for me, I throughly enjoyed both and was great to catch up with everyone before the new arrival x

  • Jackie J.

    My sister threw me one for my first baby, it was a lovely afternoon in her house with close friends and family! So naturally, I threw one for my sister when she was expecting her first. Again only close family and friends. It was a nice thing to experience and celebrate but I haven't had one for my second and wouldn't arrange one of my sister were to have a 2nd. Neither events cost a lot of money but the mummy to be loved every second of it! Each to their own!

    • Donna L.

      I never had one with either of mine-wuda loved one but it wasn't something that was done then esp 8yrs ago-was mainly an American thing. I think it is a bit much like what do u buy-I went to one recently and ended up buying a gift for the mummy to be as I wanted to buy for the baby when s/he arrived. I'm prob just a bit jealous I never had one! :see_no_evil: xxx

  • Siofra M.

    I didnt have one for first as had him 2 months early but actually had 2 for my second- 1 a surprise from my friends and 1 organised by my sister. Wasnt about gifts. Just lovely to feel special at a time when i was feeling tired, bloated and uncomfortable. Was good fun to catch up with family and friends and play some games. Ive also been to a few and thrown a surprise one for my sister. Its harmless fun.

  • Hazel T.

    They never used to be a thing here in the UK but now everybody seems to be having them.

  • Amy S.

    Never had one for either of mine. Did one for my God daughter who had gone through a rough time. It was a giggle n cheered her up xx

  • Sarah L.

    My husband organised one for me and invited our friends and their husbands. Was nice to just get together with everyone before baby was born and play some silly games :) xx

  • Becky B.

    My friends threw me a surprise baby shower. It was lovely and I was very touched with all the work they put in. We played games, chatted and just had fun. I did receive presents but I would have been happy without any

  • Hannah C.

    A lot of my friends wanted me to have one for my daughter when she was pregnant as it wasn't the done thing in my day. Yes she got loads of presents, but would have received them once baby was born anyway.

  • Gemma L.

    I had one for both of mine it isnt an excuse to get preasents more to get all your friends together for a nice time and good memories its just fun

  • Gemma L.

    People saying its greedy its not its a chance to all get together think its ruder to accuse people of being greedy... I had one for each of mine thrown by friends never cared if they brought gifts. Some didnt it was nice just to have people there. People have to moan about everything these days just have fun.

  • Sarah J.

    Never wanted one! Think it's a cheeky way of getting or asking for gifts as guests feel obliged to bring something. Each to there own tho just not for me couldn't be doing with the fuss!

  • Caz L.


  • Carol M.

    Just an excuse for gifts. How can it be a party when the pregnant one can't drink- and who wants a houseful of party goers when your heavily pregnant

  • Victoria B.

    I'd like a more of a pamper baby shower, foot spa, facials etc don't like the idea of people having to buy presents. I'd rather spend time with family and friends, relaxing and having a giggle before the baby comes. I'm hoping to do this, maybe book a beauty therapist, make some nibbles etc.

  • Denise G.

    A load of Bollocks!'n

  • Gemma D.

    I didn't want one, was asked a few times if one could be organised for me but they aren't my thing. It all seems a bit smug to me. Have seen some nice ones done properly though x

  • Sinead J.

    Personally I think it's just an American thing. I see it as begging. Oooo come round to mine and bring my unborn baby a present no thanks.

  • Laura S.

    I personally just don't agree with them and refused one when friends wanted to throw me one.

  • Terry A.

    Seem to remember the wife having one years ago, never seen so many clean babies.

    American twaddle the next thing you know everyone will be calling mothers Mom.

    I don't have a Mom I have a mum.

  • Terean A.

    Another American tradition adopted in uk same as proms money making for businesses I guess so good for the economy

  • Fiona S.

    I never had a baby shower due to our little girl being a total surprise instead my sister threw me a baby arrival party which I preferred. It was a lovely get together with friends and family letting them all meet the new arrival and also saved on having loads of visitors at home at different times and days. We still had games and cake and lots of other treats.

  • Keeley W.

    No it's an American thing. I didn't feel comfortable either time having a 'party' before my babies arrival seems like a jinx to me.

  • Rachel B.

    Just for people to get extra gifts. Celebrate after they are born.

  • Karli L.

    Makes me cringe. I think its really cheeky to expect gifts, and some people even make lists of what they want. Not for me at all x

  • Sheraleigh A.

    Never had one for first two but u have a good circle of friends at playgroup that asked if i would like one as they would like to do me one.. lots of fun gameswith friends us all I'm after... No need to bring gifts just the company will be nice xx

  • Vicky B.

    I don't agree with them, however I have been to a couple and they were nice. Just think it's a bit like asking for a gift personally but each to their own!

  • Zara P.

    Never had one n think it's very American...we didn't no the sex of our baby till she arrived and I'd much rather have a spa day or afternoon tea instead. She got absolutely spoilt when she arrived, be cheeky to have a baby shower! X

  • Terri W.

    Dislike them. I don't know when we started this in the UK. It has been tradition here to buy for the baby when it is born...

  • Sharon-marie W.

    My best friend organised mine it was lovely. She gave it a prince theme(as in royalty not the musician) as I used to refer to him as my little prince while I carried him. It was in a little tea shop and we played games of guess the date and weight. And painted babygrows for my son. It was so lovely just to relax and talk to everyone. Anyway my little baby must've loved it too because he arrived the very next day! Much earlier than he was meant too! X

  • Sam E.

    Great fun worth it when done propwrly but not after you attend, help with and put in money and presents for all your friends ones but no one does you one. Not the best feeling when you're pregnant :(

  • Geraldine M.

    It's another import from the USA they're getting their fingers into every pie

  • Lynsey S.

    Never had one with either of mine. Don't feel as though I missed much. X

  • Zoe S.

    I didn't with my first but have been told I'm having one for my second. Lol. There's two of us pregnant within our group of mates and due within a week of each other. We are having a joint shower but it's not about the presents, it's an great excuse for us to go out for an evening and meet up with other mum friends without the kids in tow. There's going to games, food and most of all great company. A shower is what u make of it. I want a nice night with my mates and that's what we will have. We've been asked what we want, which felt really awkward but I've been to a few (out of the mates invited) and it was a case of bring a Bag of nappies which doesn't break the bank but helps so much. I don't like the idea of gift registries etc. My husband is working away and I will need this village of women to help me when the baby is here so spending an evening with them before the baby comes fills me with happiness.

  • Laura K.

    When I had my baby shower I was pregnant with twins, had t been able to leave the house in weeks, had crutches to walk and about to be admitted for monitoring of pre eclampsia. I Needed a nice day with my friends! Let's face it I wasn't going to see them all for a good while! We had so much fun with my family and friends chatting, sharing stories and advice and playing games. I sent a wee poem to guests before hand saying it wasn't about gifts, the emphasis was on meeting up though I did get some gorgeous gifts. The best one is the book I took along for everyone to write some advice in for me. I still read it to this day. I made wee candle favours and our guests sent me pics of them lit the day the babies were born. I don't think it's the tradition that's wrong, maybe just the way some people organise or perceive it.

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