Australian Woman Helps Deliver Her Own Twins By C-Section

Maternal assisted c-section

If you've ever had a c-section, this story might cause your eyes to water. Heck, I might have even shed a tiny tear when I first read it, and I've no idea what it feels like to go through a c-section.

Forty-one year old Australian woman Gerri Wolfe gave birth to twins just before Christmas - her 10th and 11th children, no less - and helped to deliver them herself via c-section.

Yes, you read that right. The Daily Mail puts it like this:

She's the Australian woman who reached inside herself and delivered her own twins during a caesarean section.

Three days before Christmas, Gerri Wolfe, 41, gave birth to her 10th and 11th children, Matilda and Violet, in a very unusual procedure at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales.

It was to be Mrs Wolfe's fifth experience having a caesarean - but she didn't want a traditional one.

Wolfe opted for what's known as a maternal assisted caesarean, prompted by the fact that her previous c-sections had been "very sterile, very surgical, very impersonal".

Wolfe says her maternal assisted caesarean, by contrast, was very personal. You'll have to click the link above to see the amazing pics but be warned - they're not for the faint of heart.

Personally I can't ever imagine wanting a maternal assisted caesarean delivery - I am much more inclined to want to leave such things in the capable hands of people who know what they're doing - but then I've never been through a c-section or indeed a difficult birth that left me feeling the need to 'reclaim' the experience, as Wolfe describes she did.

But I wonder, if more consultants could be persuaded to consider this, whether it's something that might help other mothers feel more connected to the experience of giving birth via c-section? I know plenty of people who have had wonderfully positive birth experiences - via c-section - but I also know just as many who felt that it was a clinical experience which they have no desire to repeat.

What do you think? Could you ever imagine wanting to opt for a maternal assisted caesarean, if such a thing were an option to you when giving birth?

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