Are You Sending Cards This Christmas?

Are You Sending Cards This Christmas?

This year, I’m determined to get my cards actually posted in time the for the last posting dates before Christmas. Which, incidentally, are Thursday 21st December for first class post and Wednesday 20th December for second class post. Better get your skates on if you are sending cards this Christmas.

But in recent years I’ve been seriously lax on the Christmas card front. At first it was just a result of being over-busy – life with two kids under two years old didn’t leave much time during the festive period for frivolities like writing Christmas cards.

Then, as the kids got older, the world and its mother seemed to get in on the trend of donating the Christmas card budget to charity and sharing a single Christmas greeting on social media by way of explanation. I did that too, and felt great about donating to a good cause at the same time as alleviating myself of the Christmas card pressure.

But this year I feel differently. Maybe it’s because I’m a little more organised than usual, this Christmas. Most of my presents are bought – though not wrapped, because HOW do you find time to do that with older kids in the house who seem to go to sleep later than you?!

I was so determined to make the whole month of December a lovely, festive period of anticipation and relaxation instead of the usual last-minute panic-buying and pressure, so I feel as though I have time and headspace for writing cards this year. I have yet to actually put pen to paper though.

But yes, this year my nearest and dearest can look forward to a festive greeting in the post from me, instead of the usual excuses. Maybe it’s something about our over-reliance on social media and the relational isolation it seems to create, but I love the idea of hand-writing cards and taking time, even just a minute or two, to think about the ones I love whilst writing them a card.

There's something old-school and nostalgic about Christmas cards, too. I have fond memories of being a kid and watching the cards pile up early in December until my Dad strung them all up around the living room along with the Christmas decorations. It felt like being wrapped in a great big hug from those we loved, no matter how far away they might have been or how long since we'd last seen them.

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