Are You Joining The SATs Boycott This Week?

Are You Joining The SATs Boycott?

How do you feel about SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) exams, and will you be among the 35,000 parents who will keep their kids off school on Tuesday 3rd May in protest at the controversial school assessments?

Metro reports:

The Let Our Kids Be Kids campaign says children are 'over-tested, over-worked and in a school system that places more importance of test results and league tables than children's happiness and joy of learning'.

And on the Let Our Kids Be Kids website the organisers write:

Nothing else seems to be working – no one is listening to the voice of parents, teachers, heads or unions saying the school system is a mess… maybe taking the kids out of school for the day might make an impact?

We're sick of whinging in the school yard about the state of things and think it's time to make a stand.

On Tuesday 3rd May join thousands of other parents who feel the same – that their kids are over tested, over worked and in a school system that places more importance of test results and league tables than childrens' happiness and joy of learning.

You and your child have the power to show the government that we've all had enough – on Tuesday 3rd May keep your child off school for a day of educational fun instead.

SATs are tests taken in primary school at the end of year 2, year 6 and year 9, which are used to assess your child's progress compared with other children born in the same month. SATs assess children's skills reading, writing (including spelling and handwriting), maths (including number, shape, space and measurement) and science.

Will Tuesday's action bring an end to SATs? It seems unlikely but then they say the big is in the small, and this action follows the news last month that ministers abandoned controversial plans to implement new tests for four-year-olds. So maybe this will start the ripple effect that garners attention from higher up within the education system.

Whatever the outcome, I applaud the organisers for galvanising parents into taking action over something they feel strongly about.

If you want to support the Let Our Kids Be Kids campaign you can do so in a number of ways.

Click here to sign the petition calling for an end to SATS or click here to download a sample letter to your child's school explaining their planned absence.

If you're planning to take part in the boycott against SATs we'd love to hear how you're planning to spend the day.

And if you've already signed the petition, tell us why you support the campaign to scrap SATs. On the other hand, if you're a fan of SATs, feel free to tell us why!

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