A Hot Bath Is Fine During Pregnancy, Researchers Say

Pregnant? Hot Baths Are Fine

If you've ever been put off having a hot soak in the bath during pregnancy, it might surprise you to learn that new research suggests there's no need to worry.

In fact, it looks as though it's safe for expectant mums to excerise in warm weather, and even use saunas without worrying about negative effects on their babies.

The Huffington Post reports:

The University of Exeter was involved in carrying out the research, which analysed the results of 12 studies published up to July 2017. These reported the core temperature response of 347 pregnant women to heat stress, either through exercise or through passive heating, such as using a sauna or sitting in a hot bath.

The premise behind current guidelines – which advise pregnant women to avoid hot baths, saunas and exercising in hot weather – is that exceeding recommended core body temperature limits could risk the health of a woman;s unborn child.

It's now thought that risk is low, and less significant than previously understood.

In other words, you can take a high intensity exercise class on a hot day, indulge in a hot bath and even relax in a sauna without exceeding the recommended core temperature limit for pregnant women.

We'd love to hear what you think of this news – is heat stress risk during pregnancy something that concerned you? And if you're pregnant, would this research persuade you to have a hot soak in the bath, or does the new research feel like changing the goalposts? Leave us a comment here or come and join the conversation over on our Facebook page.


  • Kayleigh F.

    so I could have gone in that jacuzzi in the Hilton spa! :weary: fuming!

  • Emma O.

    I remember my birthday trip away watching my husband in the hot tub with a drink in the snow and me sitting inside the cabin with the dog looking hard done by as was 5months pregnant :neutral_face:

  • Bekey C.

    I always had hot baths when i was pregnant. Never got told not to x

  • Beth H.

    I still had them hot :blush: just not as hot as I used to xxx

  • Lauren M.

    I still had hot baths with all my 3 children.

  • Kate M.

    I was told that 36 or 37 degrees was fine. I was 7 months when I went into a hot tub at 36 degrees that my friends had set up... I have hotter baths and showers than that. Use your own judgement and don't stay in too long.

  • Rachel W.

    Get me in :joy: oh wait it might be more a mud bath in back garden than a hot tub at minute

  • Sarah L.

    Get ya wellies on you’ll be reyt :joy: xxx

  • Lyndsay C.

    I just read this and said to about it. So pleased.

  • Dawn W.

    Well I would have fainted as my blood pressure was low and the merest hint of heat had me on the floor.

  • Sam B.

    .... well well well! If you need me you know where I'll be :bath::joy:

  • Kimberley D.

    Yeahayyyyy I like :grin::grin: xxxxxxxx

  • Gail J.

    My lovely hot bath, brought on labour with both my children. X

  • June M.

    I saw it and thought it might be worth a read for you. Xxxxxx

  • Jessica C.

    & that’s why I had hot baths

  • Kim G.

    I had a hot bath everyday when pregnant with both of my children. xx

  • Amanda O.

    I lived in a hot bath when I was pregnant with my kids, the only time I was comfortable was In the bath, getting out was the problem :joy:

    • Emily R.

      When I was close to labour I rang the hospital to see if it was an idea going there and they told me to go for a hot bath and when that doesn't work anymore call us again. Bloody hell I had a time getting out of there :joy: ended up on the floor for half an hour trying to catch my breath.

    • Amanda O.

      :joy::joy: it’s funny now, Not so funny when we were going through it, with my last kid I measured to big I was literally a walking house, when I managed in the bath I wasn’t moving for a few hours labour was fun a wee tiny and I mean tiny midwife chapping to see if I needed a hand out the bath :joy::joy:, no love I need a crane :see_no_evil:

    • Natalie B.

      I’m totally the same every ache and pain it’s bath time and be on your own head if you disturbed me :joy: apart from trying to get me out :see_no_evil:

  • Kirsty M.

    I love you for this haha xxx

  • Claire H.

    Never heard of not having hot baths??? Saunas yeah but not hot baths

  • Francien H.

    Hell yeah because you will never ever have another relaxing hot bath again!!!!

  • Nickie H.

    I was told off by midwife for having hot bath it was nowhere near as hot as I have it at home

  • Emily R.

    I was told by my midwife to go for a hot baths when the contractions get painful.

  • Emma C.

    U could have baths haha but just body temperature ones. I never done that tho my baths were always and still are scalding hot xx

  • Kimmaree W.

    I spent my whole pregnancy feeling cold, so a hot bath was just great. I was opting for a water birth at home so we tested the temperature of the water I was bathing in and it was way too hot for me to birth in so we knew I had to get used to cooler baths. Sadly no water birth though.

  • Ashliegh T.

    I never had them body temperature either I just had a normal bath that I always have that’s nice and boiling

  • Michelle C.

    I craved hot baths with my second child, no one told me I shouldn’t do it either

  • Joanna D.

    I love my hot bath. I hated luke warm pregnancy baths. This news makes me happy! If I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again, I won't have them quite so cold

  • Katie A.

    Need me my hot baths :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • izzywoo

    i always had hot baths when pregnant. was not told not to....

  • Kirsten T.

    I love hot baths!!! I love a soak and since been pregnant I’m in and out of it!! X

  • Vikki T.

    Yep I avoided hot baths. Just mad end feel faint if I got hot. Was amazing having a nice warm bath when Labour started though

  • Debbie R.

    Lived in mine .. red hot ...and still do !!! :smiley: done isla no harm ! Xx

  • Lauren M.

    I was advised off hot baths (2010) but since it was the only place me n baby slept was the bath so yeah 9 months of about 3 baths a day n shes a hapoy healthy no complications 7 yr old now :thumbsup:

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