3,000 More Midwives Will Transform Hospitals

3,000 More Midwives Will Transform Hospitals

If you've had first-hand experience of the midwives shortage, you'll no doubt be glad to hear that three thousand extra midwives are to be trained over the next four years. The plans will be made public this week, and mark the largest-ever increase of maternity staff in England.

Sky News reports:

The changes to England's maternity services will start with a target of one in five women benefitting from the model by March next year. By 2021, the majority of pregnant women will be receiving care from the same midwives throughout their pregnancy, labour and birth.

The Government said research shows that women who use the model are 19% less likely to miscarry, 16% less likely to lose their baby and 24% less likely to have premature birth.

Critics caution that it will take years before the midwife shortage is addressed, with the 'extra' midwives recruited under the scheme not being qualified to work in maternity services until 2022.

We'd like to hear your thoughts on this story. Were you affected by the midwife shortage during your pregnancy or labour? Do you welcome the thought of being seen by the same midwife throughout your pregnancy? Or do you think this news is too little too late?


  • Hayley P.

    Guys change in career... ??

    • Kerry M.

      We still all work together.. and we could be on One Born Every Minute!

  • Lisa H.

    ...have a look 3000 needed

  • Joan T.

    come just at the right time x

  • Charlotte L.

    u could train as a midwife xx

  • Inot M.

    Doubt it will ever happen. Believe it when I see it. Probably the goverment making false promises, again. :frowning2: xxx

  • Helen R.

    Please don’t take this on face value, creating the extra training places does not equate to 3000 people actually taking up these training places. Particularly as there is now no bursary and university fees are so high. 3000 new places does not make up for the many thousands of experienced, burnt out midwives leaving the profession. It’s also worth remembering there are elections right around the corner, so best to file this one under ‘believe it when you see it.’

  • Heidi W.

    Anyone seriously interested should have a look at joining with their local ‘MVP’ maternity voices partnership. It’s happening nationwide area by area - the professionals and users of the service are now collaborating in order to take maternity services forward. Get involved if you want your voice to be heard.

    • Dominique J.

      Doesn’t diminish the hell they have put thousands through.

  • Debbie B.

    My daughter will be spending £27,000 in tuition fees on top of her student loan to become a midwife! A huge amount of money on top of commitment will add to stress levels for an already stressful job that saves lives! If the government want more midwives they need to look at this, I am not saying it should necessarily be free but jobs that ultimately save lives should not be treated in line with standard degrees that are never used again :rage:

  • Chloe J.

    Exactly and they make it harder xxx

  • Emma K.

    The comment below just about sums it up :confused:

  • Leanne S.

    So many people would love the opportunity to train in midwifery me included, but simply cannot afford to do it. Especially later in life and trying to support a family too.

  • Lisa R.

    I heard this on radio and it also said about women having same midwife at birth/delivery as you have during your appointments etc. Logistically how would this work, are midwife's expected to be on call 24/7 on top of having an already stressful, underpaid job? More midwives can only be a good thing but do wonder about the finer details!

  • Rachael C.

    Would love to train to be a midwife but can’t afford to, I have 3 children to support

  • Charlie R.

    Still trying to get on the course 9 years later it is so competitive not enough places. How will they fund it? It has to be one on one midwife student ratio it's not going to work. Doing it the long way now 3 years nurse training then doing the midwifery top up for 18 months after a years experienced

  • Amanda C.

    its the thought of going back and tweaking a few more exams .....when I looked at going back last time they moved the goal posts a bit

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