Baby Toupees

Baby toupees - you've GOT to be kidding me!!

As is part of my PlayPennies remit, I was mooching around cyberspace yesterday looking for something random to tell you about when I stumbled upon - I've been bemused by them ever since.

Now I know I can be quite traditional when it comes to parenting - I'm not one for giving in to demands for designer this, that and the other and I'm ALL for stashing away embarrassing baby photos for blackmail purposes during the teenage years but ABSOLUTE humiliation of your child...?  I'm really not a fan of that at all and can't see that anything else would come of them wearing a baby toupee.

Help me out here, please!  Have I just lost my sense of humour?  I know people who LOVE dressing up and pull out all the stops when it comes to attending fancy dress parties; I wonder if they'd see these baby toupees as just another prop in their fancy dress arsenal?

There are four styles of baby toupee: Lil' Kim (whoooo?), Donald Trump, Samuel L Jackson and Bob Marley and I'm sorry to say that I have some bad news for you if you were thinking the Bob Marley sounded great - it's SOLD OUT!  I kid you not; crazy!

Aimed at babies aged between one and nine months these baby syrups sell for $21.99  and international shipping from the US will set you back another $24.95 - that should put you off.

But just in case you were seriously considering a baby toupee, I have a request - PLEASE save your money; put it in a trust fund or something or give it to a homeless charity!  Anything but subjecting your child to the indignity of being dressed in one of these baby toupees!

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  • franyates
    hi I work in the fancy dress industry and saw these a while back .....when I stopped laughing I didn't order any into sell as as a mother i know what a total waste of money it would be to try and put a baby in a wig as it's hard enough to get them to keep a hat on but I do wonder how many people bought them .

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