Holiday Planning Tips

With the grey outside - and inside for those of us who've been flooded already! - it does feel like a great time to be perusing holiday sites and travel offers. This little infographic of travel tips has been floating around Pinterest and some of the ideas are worth remembering. I'm just not sure about Tip 6 though, because you could easily make up the hotel price difference in travel. But it's worth looking into. So... where are you heading for the summer?

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  • AlexJ1
    Great infographic, especially with regards to the drop in airfare on a Tues, never knew this so better keep an eye out! Travel Solutions
  • kimmy81
    id love to know who said they drop airfares on a tuesday afternoon???? ive been in travel for 17 years and i can say ive never noticed it and seems to have never been the case! the only info i can give people is book in advance as the cheaper fares sell 1st and go up from there.

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