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EHIC European Health Insurance Card

Have you ever heard of an EHIC card? I hadn't, until this morning. It stands for the European Health Insurance Card, and you can read more about it here but it's basically a card that you'd be mad not to get your mitts on if you're going on holiday or travelling to any countries in the European Economic Area.

It's NOT travel insurance and you DO need a valid private travel insurance policy as well as this card - some insurers even insist that you hold an EHIC when applying for a travel insurance policy, and will waive their excess if you have one. That alone is surely a good enough reason to get one - you could potentially save a few quid.

The EHIC card is totally free - never pay for one because that's a sure sign that you're applying through an unofficial website. If you want to apply for one or renew an existing one, just CLICK HERE.

Your EHIC enables you to access state-provided healthcare at a reduced cost (or free, in some circumstances) in countries that are part of the European Economic Area (EEA), including Switzerland. Your healthcare treatment will be covered until you return to the UK.

Pre-existing medical conditions and routine maternity care are covered, as long as the purpose of your visit is not specifically to give birth.

Holding an EHIC card will NOT entitle you to any private medical healthcare or costs, such as ski-resort mountain rescue, the cost of flying back to the UK in the event of ill-health or other unforeseen circumstances, and it will NOT cover costs relating to lost or stolen property.

Nobody likes to think about getting ill on holiday or having an accident or medical emergency, but if you've ever had your travels curtailed by such a thing, you'll appreciate the peace of mind that something like an EHIC card can offer.

If you're heading off on hols around Europe this summer and have yet to sort out your travel insurance, it's definitely worth applying for one.

For more information, you can check out the EHIC Facebook page or click here to download the EHIC app for your Smartphone.

With thanks to karri123 @HUKD.

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