My Little BABY Born I Can Swim Doll Review

16 August 2013

We were sent the my little BABY born I can swim Doll to review, and it sat in the cupboard for ages. I have resisted the Baby Born range thus far, because I think it's crazy the amount of stuff you can buy for your little one, and I don't honestly think it's all that necessary. My daughter found the box, however, and that was the end of any say I had in this doll and her future.

Both my children - almost four and just over one - love the Mommy Look I Can Swim Doll - sorry people who fret over Mommy/Mummy - that's just what it's called.

We took the doll out the box, and the girls made a beeline for the bath. I popped batteries in, and then I spent ages trying to figure out how to switch it on. There's no on switch. In the end I gave it to my oldest daughter to have a play with while I looked at the box, and no sooner did she put it in the water, than it started swimming. So obviously it has a sensor of some sort, because a second or two after you remove it from the water, it stops again.

The swimming motion is surprisingly realistic. I wouldn't necessarily use it as a model for my child on how to swim - simply because she actually only 'kicks' one leg, and the other stays still, but the body tilts to one side as she comes up for air. It's pretty good, I thought. With both my girls in the bath the doll doesn't really manage to swim too far, but with only one in, she swims up and down the bath, no problems. When she does get stuck on something it's a little freaky though. She swims to the end of the bath and just keeps going, staying in one spot. Turn her around though, and off she goes again.

The battery life is pretty dismal. It lasted less than a weeks' worth of bath times - like, maybe three - before they needed changing. I haven't actually changed them again, so now she's just a bath toy. The girls haven't really complained about that though.

She comes with cute accessories: flippers, swimming goggles, hair clips and a comb, all of which have been enjoyed. The hair is a bit hard to brush, I think, and doesn't have hair-like qualities, really, especially when wet. And when you take the hair elastic out, it holds shape for a long time, and seem to have the kink in it forever.

The main negative, really, aside from the battery consumption, is a warning about making sure to dry her or put her somewhere where she will dry after play. We popped the girls through the bath before heading off for a weekend trip at bed time, and just left the doll on the side of the bath and by Sunday evening her hair really stank terribly. It took a while to get rid of that smell! The flipper have also gathered mould inside them, but our bathroom is prone to mould so it could just be a problem we have, really.

Overall, we enjoyed the doll, and the girls liked that you could play with it as a doll or a bath toy. My oldest found the pamphlet inside the packaging and now wants almost everything in the range - it's still not going to happen - and it seems to be well made.

The only problem right now is that I can't find it anywhere online to really direct you to, should you want to buy one. It's selling on Amazon for £66 which I would say it's definitely not worth that much, but Argos had it for a while at £19.99, which is nearer to a price I'd be willing to pay for it. It doesn't really seem to be in stock too many places though - with the exception of John Lewiswho have it for £24.99.

The Good

  • It does swim
  • The children love it
  • It's quite different to anything else we have
  • The accessories to it are cute and help in play

The Bad

It absolutely chews through batteries, and needs to be properly dried and checked for mould regularly. An off switch would be useful so if you just wanted to play with it in the bath, you could, without the swimming.

The Verdict

It's a nice doll, a fun toy, and I was impressed by the swimming motion. I wouldn't pay too much for it, because I don't think it's going to last for too long (from a potential of becoming mouldy point of view), and it's going to use more than that in batteries in it's lifetime. But you know. The girls love it. Here's a link to a Youtube video for it, so you can decide for yourself.

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