The VTech My Laptop Review

I was very excited when I bought the Vtech My Laptop for a nephew. He was desperate for one and I was happy to provide. What was even better was that this VTech My Laptop was on sale on Amazon* so I got it for a tasty discount. It isn’t still on as big a sale right now, but it may go down again so keep your eyes peeled…

Anyway, I cannot tell you how disappointing this toy has been. First off the tiny little screen is almost impossible to see and read and catches the sunlight in the most awful way. You need to position yourself extremely carefully so as to not be in too dark a spot or too bright a spot, just to be able to see the screen! Ugh. What a total disappointment. And in a day and age when modern screens are bright and beautiful and crisp and big – without hectic costs – this is a travesty.

Not only is the screen quality poor, but it is extremely small. Just look at it in the picture in relation to the rest of the device. You have to squint your eyes to make out the tiny, pixelated dots on the screen. Wow, it’s as if you have gone back 10 years in time. If I’d bought this in 1990 I would have been impressed.

Then, to make matters worse, our VTech My Laptop stopped working on the right-hand side after three uses. It wasn’t dropped, nothing was spilled on it and it wasn’t hit. It just stopped working. Boom. So it cannot do half the games or activities anymore.

Don’t get this. Really don’t. Rather save your money and download apps onto whichever brand of tablet you own and use those apps instead. They are bigger, brighter, in actual colour, and won’t break down.

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