Review: The Power Of The Magnet And The Volcano


I was both excited and concerned by this particular review. On one hand magnetic arm bands saved me from most of the horror of hyperemsis gravidarium (excessive nausea and vomiting in pregnancy) but on the other hand I wasn’t entirely convinced that they worked.

magenta-maid We received a stunning haematite bracelet for PlayPennies to review from Magnetic Therapy Ltd. and I was smitten. The bracelet doesn’t look all arty farty or weird, instead the purple stones complemented most of my wardrobe and people commented on how pretty it was.

Most people were taken aback when I told them it was a magnetic therapy bracelet – they had no idea they could look so stylish.

Now the background to the use of haematite is this – it’s a volcanic substance that is similar to magnetite and lodestone that is naturally magnetic and is believed to be a cure for depression (or melancholia in older texts – I just love that word). Considered a semi-precious stone, it catches the light beautifully and these bracelets come in a strength of 1200 gauss.

Magnetic therapy is believed to offer improvements in mental status, brain development, circulation, diabetes, headaches, stress and even to control smoking urges. The different designs and magnets used will affect exactly how the magnets work with your body and how well they react. Necklaces and bracelets are the most common.

bangleAs I wasn’t feeling particularly depressed, I can’t testify to my stunner of a bracelet having cured me of depression, or eased it anyway, but I can say that I did feel a little bouncier. Whether this is because of the bracelet or is psychosomatic I can’t say. Not that I care really, no matter which factor affects my mood when I wear it, it still works.

I did find the bracelet quite tight which wasn’t very pleasant. Although I’m sure that’s the whole point of magnetic therapy, I prefer looser bands on my wrists or they tickle a bit. Yes, I may be a bit odd, I know. The haematite bracelets retail for £16.95 and there is quite a large range to choose from, and the standard magnetic bracelets are £14.95 or two for £25.90.

And Finally

haemOverall I really liked this product, even though I didn’t actually expect to. My inner cynic was screaming a lot of the time but whenever I told people what I was wearing, the conversation always turned to someone having had a miraculous experience with magnets. It’s definitely a fascinating subject and I lost many hours to researching and reading about it.

The bracelets are stylish and there is an impressive range to choose from and the price point is reasonable. You can buy really awful sparkly tat that falls apart after two uses or you can get one of these (either as a bracelet or a necklace) and it will last forever and have potentially wonderful effects on your health. I know which one I choose, I already got one for a friend that’s planning her wedding. For stress, obviously...

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  • Gib
    Magnets ? Really ? Embrace your inner skeptic. Magnets do not work for anything except picking up paperclips. They are just a placebo. They are a scam.

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