Disney Princess Little Library £3.19 @ Debenhams

Princess No matter how we try to deny it, little girls love to dress up like little princesses and are soon in love with the Disney ones that have dominated TV since forever. This little box set comes in at a delightfully sweet £3.99 from Debenhams and is a stunning gift for any princess mad daughter. 

These books are the perfect introduction to first words, numbers, opposites and colours. A great way to introduce your child to the wonders of reading using their favourite Disney characters. These books are more than just fun for reading and learning however. 

Once your child has finished with the stories she can flip them over and put them together into a puzzle picture. Yes, my dear parents, this is both puzzle and book set. It is indeed a wonderfully cost effective and educational tool. I love it. I’ve bought two, one for my daughter and one for the birthday circuit. Princess2

I know that when I was her age I also dreamed of my prince and was terrified of the scary witches and evil stepmothers, and I wish I’d had such a wide variety of toys to choose from. This is a bargain stunner for the princess fans in all of us and comes with free delivery. 

Thanks to Twinx at HUKD!

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