BrainBox: Animals £5.36 @ Amazon

BrainBox: Animals £5.36 @ Amazon

AnimalsClearly I’m on an educational mission today! Here Amazon are selling a gorgeous animal quiz game that teaches kids tons of fascinating facts about animals. The usual retail price is £10 and at £5.36 with free delivery, the BrainBox is a nice treat for educational fun.

The box contains 71 cards, each showing a different animal. Each card has the image of the relevant beastie along with information about its diet, size, weight, location and more. Not only can you use these as swot cards to develop your child’s vocabulary and knowledge but also enjoy the game that comes along with the set.

The object of the game is to win as many cards as possible in ten minutes by memorising the cards and trying to answer as many questions about them as possible. There are lots of fun ways to play this and can be enjoyed by as few or as many players as you have to hand. Animals2

Ideal for kids aged eight and up, the set also comes with rules, a timer and a die. The game teaches and improves memory. The reviews on Amazon are very positive, all from parents who find it clever and educational. If you like this one there are plenty other sets for you to enjoy too.

Thanks to amibees from HUKD!


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