Disney Does Away With Gender Labeling On Halloween Range

Disney Halloween Range Gender Neutral

If you're sick of gender stereotyping when it comes to kids toys and clothes, you'll likely be happy to hear that Disney has decided to do away with the gender labeling on their range of Halloween costumes.

The Daily Mail reports:

Disney has done away with gender-based labels on its Halloween costumes and is instead marketing its vast selection of looks as 'kids' - encouraging children to choose any trick-or-treating attire that appeals to them. 

The change comes just a month after Target announced that it would no longer be using gender-specific signs in its children's bedding and toy departments, acknowledging that both boys and girls can be interested in princesses and cars.  

Hurrah. Well played, Disney. It's about time retailers cottoned onto the fact that kids don't like being dictated to around what they should or shouldn't like on the basis of their gender and that their parents - who are, after all, the ones with the money - are in no hurry to part their hard-earned on something that reinforces outdated stereotypes.

We love Disney's 'Costumes for Kids' move and hope other major retailers will take note. We'd also love to see them roll this out across all sections of their merchandise, and not just the Halloween stuff.

And in related news, UK government ministers have ordered flammability spot checks to be carried out on children's fancy dress outfits. The news follows efforts by Claudia Winkleman to campaign for better fire safety standards on children's Halloween costumes following an accident in which her daughter was severely burned whilst wearing a Halloween costume purchases at a local supermarket.

The Mail reports:

Ministers have ordered spot checks to be carried out in the run-up to Halloween to prevent a repeat of the devastating fire which engulfed the daughter of Strictly host Claudia Winkleman. Today Miss Winkleman told MailOnline she was 'extremely happy' about the checks and backed stores already insisting on higher safety standards.
What's your view on these stories? Do you welcome the scrapping of gender labeling on kids' Halloween costumes? And do you think twice about buying fancy dress costumes from supermarkets after Claudia Winkleman's experience? Come and tell us over on our Facebook page.

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