Disney DVDs 2 for £12, Blu-rays 2 for £15 , 3D Blu-rays 2 for £18 @ Various Retailers

Disney DVDs 2 for £12, Blu-rays 2 for £15 , 3D Blu-rays 2 for £18 @ Various Retailers

Disney have just launched a fab multibuy offer on Disney DVDs and Blu-rays that means you could stock up on Christmas pressies for a brilliant price. Disney DVDs are 2 for £12, Disney Blu-rays are 2 for £15, and Disney 3D Blu-rays are 2 for £18. The offer is on in lots of high street retailers and supermarkets, with some offering free delivery too!

There's loads of titles included in the offer, and that includes Classics like as well as newer titles so there's plenty to choose from for Disney fans.

This offer is really good value for money when you see the individual prices for these discs, especially for the blu-rays, and they would make wonderful Christmas presents for the kids this year.

It's great to show your kids films that you loved as a child, so you can re-watch some of your favourites and share them with your kids too. I'm thinking my two might need to see Beauty and The Beast and Robin Hood! Oh and The Jungle Book... and maybe Alice In Wonderland... I think the hard part will be choosing just two!

Orders of £10 from HMV some with free standard delivery, so all these multibuy offers qualify. Tesco Direct also offer free delivery on DVDs. You can also buy in store at Asda, Morrisons and Tesco supermarkets.


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  • Emma W.

    Thank you, great with free delivery too xx

    • Rebecca S.

      The little mermaid :heart:

      • Donna K.

        I put 2 in basket and not showing a discount

        • Nicola F.

          Jus ordered mine £10.80 for two. Staff discount love it. X

          • Laura S.

            I need some!!

          • Nicola M.

            Asda have this deal on too. Think I'll get a couple for stocking fillers.....now to decide which 2 xx

            • Michelle H.

              Morrisons has this offer also

              • Samantha W.

                Ahh I know! I saw them in tescos yesterday :smile::smile::smile: I may have bought 'a couple' :grin::grin::grin:

                • Jennifer M.

                  Tesco doing the same offer