Zhu Zhu Pets Baby Nursery £9.99 @ Amazon

Zhu Zhu Pets Baby Nursery £9.99 @ Amazon

There’s 60% off the Zhu Zhu Pets Baby Nursery at Amazon at the moment, taking this £24.99 toy down to a much more affordable £9.99.

I must admit, I dread the day my daughter comes home wanting xyz collection, and it’s probably the biggest reason we’re not too big on kiddies TV. The thought of what parents spend on these collectibles scares me! I’m sure a time will come when we won’t be able to escape it, but still, the thought of paying £24.99 for one toy, which doesn’t even include the hamsters is too much for me right now!

If it’s what you’re after, however, this Zhu Zhu Pets Baby Nursery is a great price. The baby  hamsters, which aren’t included, can sleep in the roundabout baby holder, or there’s space for them in their cradles in the nursery.

There’s only one reviewer, and he says this item comes with more ‘components’ than the other Zhu Zhu toys, and at £14.99 he was very happy with it, so at £9.99, it should be a great buy.


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