Workshop Wednesday: Stained Glass Windows Biscuits

These stained glass windows biscuits are pretty easy to do, and they make for good conversation pieces. We made hearts as presents for a friend who just had a baby, but any biscuit will do. If you don't have a smaller size in the same shape - like a large star and a small star - you can just use a circle in the middle, or a knife to cut out your shape.

Our friends that we were making these for were Vegan, so we had to use a Vegan Sugar Cookie dough. You can, of course, use any one you prefer, but this one was delicious. Additionally, it made way more than we needed so I rolled the rest in cling film and froze it. I have subsequently used the frozen dough too, and it works just as perfectly. We made three batches from this recipe.

For the Vegan Sugar Cookies you'll need:

  • 1250ml flour
  • 4 teaspoons Baking Powder
  • 500ml sugar
  • 125ml almond milk, soy milk, or soy milk creamer (if you're not going for Vegan, you can use normal milk - I used rice milk and it worked well)
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla, almond, coconut or lemon extract (we used vanilla)
  • 369g butter or nut butter
  • Various coloured hard boiled sweets, crushed.


1. Cream the Butter and sugar until they are light and fluffy. 

2. Add the baking powder to the mixture and beat till it's incorporated.

3. Add the milk or milk substitute and the essence.

4. Slowly add the flour and mix till it's all in, but do not over mix it.

5. The cookie dough has to be refrigerated for at least 3o minutes before it can be used. Towards the end of that time, turn the oven on to 140C.

6. Roll the dough into several 'logs' and use them one at a time. Whatever you don't use, just keep frozen till you're about ready to use it.

7. After 30 minutes, lightly flour a survace, roll out one of the logs, and press the shapes you want. I used a large heart and a small heart. Lay them on a greased parchment of wax paper. The candy will have to reset, then you need to be able to get it off, so make sure your tray is well buttered (unless you're using silicone, then you should be okay!)

8. Fill the center of each heart with the crushed, hard candy and place in the oven. You'll notice this oven has a very low temperature. If it's higher, at the usual 180C for sugar dough biscuits, the sweets burn before the biscuit browns enough to eat. At the lower temperature the biscuit gets a bit darker before the sweets burn.

9. As soon as the insides start bubbling and look melted, take them out. The biscuit will be a light brown.

10. Take them out of the oven and leave them to cool. The sweets have to re'set' and harden, so don't be too eager to move them. When ready, gently lift them off the baking paper.

Store in a cool, dry place for about a week, if you can keep them that long!


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