WinterWise 10-Stud Snow And Ice Spikes £2.49 @ Amazon

Now I know this deal for WinterWise 10-stud snow and ice spikes could be viewed as weather pessimism of the highest degree (or lowest degree, depending on how you look at it!) BUT, I'd like to think of this as forward planning; being prepared for any ice and snow eventuality.

February, in my little part of the UK, saw me shoveling inches and inches of snow off the drive, with my daughter, in midday temperatures of -12C! It's not the initial fall of snow that's lethal, it's once it's been compacted and freezes turning our roads, pavements, paths and driveways into giant ice rinks!

It's no fun wondering whether, or not, you're going to reach your short distance destination without slipping over and landing, in an undignified heap, on your backside; I've decided not to play that game this winter, hence my discovery of this deal for WinterWise 10-stud snow and ice spikes.

They stretch across the sole of your normal shoes, come in UK sizes 2 - 13 (size 13, that's HUGE) and the price is £2.49, regardless of size, instead of £9.99.

Advice from those who've already bought them is this: if you're going to wear them over wellies, order your WinterWise 10-stud snow and ice spikes a couple of sizes larger than your shoe size.

Happy being prepared for impending ice and snow!

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  • flyingirl
    Sold out! And nowhere to click to be inform as and when it comes back in stock!

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