Washable & Waterproof Pet Beds Now From £10 @ Groupon

Washable & Waterproof Pet Bed

Anything that is washable and waterproof around pets is definitely a good thing! My dog loves her daily runs in the forest but boy does she come back muddy and smelly!

Thank goodness I ordered some of these Waterproof and Washable Beds for her as I have to change them on a pretty much daily basis!

These fantastic pet beds are available at Groupon, prices start from just £10 for a Large- 99cm x 76cm bed or you can choose the Extra Large- 149cm x 99cm for £17.99. They have up to 78% off their retail price!

If you wanted to purchase two Large Beds you can get them at the discounted price of £17.99 for 2 instead of £80. Or choose two Extra Large Beds for £32.99 instead of £100. They are handy to leave in different rooms around the house or even to put one in the car for trips out.

You can opt for either Burgundy, Black, Blue or Green. I love the fact these beds are water resistant and easy to take apart. Just open the zipped cushion cover and you can remove the cover and wash by hand when needs be.

Home delivery is £1.99.


  • Simon C.

    Have a look see what you can find babe xxx

  • Natalie A.

    You can look instead haha xxx

  • Hayley M.

    We were just talking about buying him a new one lol

  • Carolyn B.

    Purchased, Extra Large £20 with P&P thank you xxx

  • Lisa H.

    Lol I bought this the other day xx

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