Toy Story 3 Fleece Blanket £2.99 @ Play

Play are selling Toy Story 3 fleece blankets for £2.99 instead of £9.99 at the moment; fabulous!

Staying with my chilly morning theme (it's warmed up a bit now, but not much - honestly, has been with the weather this year!?) a fleece blanket is just what's going to be needed in the months to come and I have it on good authority that the weather has been as good as it's going to get now, so you might as well pack away your t-shirts and shorts and dig out all your autumn/winter things.

I have a bit of a 'thing' for fleece blankets, they're SO useful and easy to look after it's almost daft!

Put on beds when you need an extra bit of warmth; cuddle up underneath them on the sofa when it's chilly or you just want to be cosy; keep a couple in the car for little ones to snuggle under on chilly morning school/playgroup runs - my kids used to love doing that when they were small.

This Toy Story 3 fleece is washable up to 40 degrees, but 30 is likely to be more than enough - and they dry in almost a blink of an eye and can be tumble dried too in hardly any time at all if you need one to be dry straight away.

There are no extra delivery charges for orders to the UK Mainland, so as long as you live there £2.99 is the total amount of cash you'll be parting with for a cosy Toy Story 3 fleece blanket.

Thanks to aolpunly at HUKD

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