Tower Block Game (think Jenga) Plus Free Amarylis Kit £2.75 @ Viking

I can't help it, to me Viking Direct will always be for stationery, office furniture and huge tins of nasty, cheap instant coffee - I don't associate them with games like Jenga but called something different or Amarylis plants!

But that's what you can get with this deal and all for just £2.75, which includes VAT and delivery, and makes it a rather storming deal - you can always give the Amarylis to your mother-in-law if the triffid-like plants aren't for you.

So, the Tower Block game - it's Jenga without the Jenga trademarked name - you just need to stack the wooden blocks three across and then three across the other way until the tower is complete, then each player takes out one block at a time.  The person who makes the tower fall is the loser, simple and rather awesome - especially after a glass of wine too many.

Then there's the Amarylis kit - my mum always used to get one/be given one for Christmas and I really can't stand them!

In the Amarylis kit you'll get a huge bulb, a pot and some compost to put it in, then you just have to cross your fingers and hope that it flowers - I've lost count of the number of times my mum only managed to grow a rather impressive set of long sword like leaves.

Just click back to the front page and find the picture of the plant (top right of the screen), click it and then add it to your basket.

So the Tower Block game is £2.75, the Amarylis kit is free as is delivery so £2.75 is all you have to part with.

Thanks to hopped at HUKD

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