Skil Cordless Drill £34.98 @ B&Q

drill NO, this isn't a Father's Day suggestion - that would be like getting me an ironing board for Mother's day!

I'm a bit of a boy when it comes to tools - I LOVE THEM!  I can't help it - my dad's an engineer and a rather nifty 'chippy' too and I inherited my love of tools from him.

There's nothing quite like going to the tool box and being able to lay your hands on the exact tool that you need for any job that might arise!  As with all things, you can spend absolute fortunes on the most expensive things that will cook the dinner and do a dance for you, in addition to the purpose you were buying them for.

But sometimes you just need a straight-forward inexpensive option - perhaps because you're just starting to build up your own tool collection, the other one you had has just broken and you need a cheap temporary replacement, you get the picture.

This Skil drill (I love that it rhymes - I think I need to get out more) fits that bill perfectly.  It comes with two batteries, 6 HSS drill bits (1-6mm), 6 screwdriver bits (PZ1,PZ2,PH1,PH2,S5,S6), 3 hour charger, magnetic bit-holder and comes wrapped up in a neat and tidy carry case.

It's got two speeds - one for drilling holes and one to use when you want to use it as a screwdriver (use a drill as a screwdriver and you'll never go back to manual ones again unless you really have to!).  It doesn't have a hammer action though which is slightly disappointing but it's still a nifty piece of kit for the price if you ask me (reduced from £49.98 to £34.98).

Order online to collect in-store at your local B&Q and happy drilling!

Thanks to ZeMan over at HUKD

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