Safety Gate Discounts @ Mothercare

Mothercare have discounted some of their safety gate stock -  discounted prices start at £9.49 and go up to £18.99, which still isn't budget busting for a decent baby gate.

Safety gates, stair gates - call them what you will - are essential from the moment your little one finds their feet - it's amazing how quickly they can dash across the room and get half way up the stairs before you notice!

Not only do stair climbing skills seem to be inherent, but sneaking up behind you in the kitchen when you have hot pans in your hands, is also a skill that crawling and toddling babies appear to be born with. I'm afraid there's no escape, if you have kids you have to have safety gates (they're also handy if you have dogs!).

So, if you're in the market for one, ore more, safety gates then head over to Mothercare and check out the discounts they have on various models: there are wooden ones, metal ones, tall ones and extending ones - enough choice, I think, for the most discerning of safety gate connoisseurs!

You can arrange to have your safety gates delivered to you, for an additional few pounds, or you can pop into store and collect them yourself for free.

Thanks to af1 at HUKD 

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