R2D2 Or Death Star Star Wars Mints £2.86 @ ShopTo

ShopTo are selling these Star Wars mints in either R2D2 or Death Star tins for £2.86 instead of £3.49.


I know there's only a little bit of a saving to be had with this deal, but these aren't just any mints - they're STAR WARS MINTS!  I'll be honest, I'd happily pay £3.49 for a tin of R2D2 mints - R2' is my favourite Star Wars character and a tin, that looks like him, with mints inside, would look cool on my desk!

By all accounts, these mints aren't for the faint hearted; if you're buying them for your kids, you might want to check first and replace them if they're a bit strong - they've been described as minty Fishermans' Friends (if you've never had a Fishermans' Friend you've never had your head blown off by a sweet - extra strong mints have nothing on those evil things!), so may the minty Force be with you!

Most orders, placed before 5.20pm, are dispatched the same day and delivered the next - good news if you need them in a hurry and ShopTo offer free delivery within the UK, so there aren't any additional postage costs to factor in; hurrah!

Thanks to barky at HUKD

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    pure genius ha ha ha ha

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