Would You Use The Quinny Longboardstroller?

Would You Use The Quinny Longboardstroller?

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The first time I saw the Quinny Longboardstroller I honestly thought it was a clever joke as I had just never seen anything quite like it before. To put it basically, and nothing like as poetically as the official website does, it's a Quinny buggy with a skateboard attached for the parent to use. Can you understand my scepticism?

The city streets in Europe are about to get a little more exciting! Quinny has developed a fun and innovative new mobility concept; the Quinny longboardstroller. It’s a completely new and spectacular way to cruise through the city with your kid. And it’s environmentally-friendly as well. Quinny is all about pushing limits. Mobility challenges that parents face every day are a burden. To tackle these challenges, the Quinny longboardstroller takes a different approach to urban mobility. It gives the experience and freedom of riding a longboard and enables parents to travel faster than with a regular stroller – so they can explore more of the city together with their kids.

The Quinny Longboardstroller is available in Europe only, there are only 1000 being made and it can be yours for the price of €599 plus shipping. Apparently it has been safety tested and approved, although they do advise that safety equipment be worn and there is a huge list of safety instructions, including practising without putting the child in first!

If you are interested in finding out more then there is loads of further information about the product on the official Quinny Longboardstroller page here, and you can also buy from them direct.

So what's your reaction to this? Would you use one with your child? Does it look like lots of fun and a genuine alternative to using a car in the city? Or are you concerned about the safety aspects? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or over on our Facebook page.


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