Play & Learn Sensory Cube £4.25 @ ASDA

There’s 15% off the Play & Learn Sensory Cube at ASDA at the moment. They’re selling it for £4.25 instead of £5, but if you buy another toy you get the two for £8, making this one just £4 and 20% off.

This sensory cube received mixed reviews from those parents who had already bought it from ASDA. Two loved it and one hated it, calling it a waste of space and disliking that it didn’t make any noises.

The cube has a mirror – but it’s a child safe mirror, so not particularly clear, I’d imagine – and has tinted panels and colourful prints. The description says that it makes a noise when touched, but one reviewer said that it didn’t. ( I wonder whether they mean the beads at the top?)

It has rubber corners with different textures, which is probably great for a teething baby to gnaw on.

This toy is recommended for children over 6 months and is said to stimulate mental activity and encourage hand-eye coordination.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD

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