Personalised Mobile Phone Sleeve £5 @ LyncMeUp

Personalised Mobile Phone Sleeve £5 @ LyncMeUp

So almost everyone on the planet has a mobile phone, which means most people have mobile phone covers or cases.  If you prefer sleeves to slip your phone into, rather than covers, and would like a personalised one then take a look at this deal.

You can have a soft mobile sleeve that fits your phone like  a snug sleeping bag for just £5 instead of £24.99.

Before my beloved iPhone I had a Blackberry; there was nothing wrong with it, I just preferred how the iPhone worked, but the thing I really did like about it was the leather slip case it lived in when I wasn't using it.

I've tried several covers for my iPhone and I hate them all.  It's such a thing of beauty it seems daft to encase it in an indestructible brick that's uglier than than an ugly thing!

I want to use it in its naked form, no covers, no cases, just the way Apple intended.  BUT I do want it to be protected when I sling it into my bag - keys have a nasty habit of doing damage.

So you can imagine how happy I was when this LyncMeUp deal for a soft mobile phone sleeve landed in my inbox this morning.

There are three sizes, so all phones are catered for; it's elasticated so will fit your phone perfectly and has a soft cotton feel to it - great if you don't like the idea of rigid leather (NOT great, if you do!).

I've ordered mine already - stock is limited and the deal is available until 9 July.

Happy sleeved phones!


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