Headphone Hats £19.99 And 3 for 2 @ Very

Headphone Hats £19.99

Have you seen these amazing Headphone Hats? They're comfy headphones inside character hats so that your kids can transform into Paw Patrol's Chase, Elsa, or BB8 from Star Wars as they listen to music or watch videos. They're back in stock at £19.99 at Very, and they're in the 3 for 2 on gifts* as well!

These are soft, safe kids' headphones are volume limited to max 85 Db meaning their little ears are protected from high noise levels. The cosy fabric beanie means children can be comfy, and it's breathable fleece fabric means little ones won't over-heat.

They look great fun for little ones aged three and over, and they look super cute on the kids too.

Very offer free click and collect, or home delivery costs £3.99.


  • Margaret C.

    There cool

  • Marylou W.

    How cool are these? x

    • Lauren C.

      Well cute. Xxx

    • Marylou W.

      Kids would love them xx

  • Lindsey S.

    these are amazing. X

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  • Neil L.

    Haha. They are cute. If only they did Marshall

  • Kayleigh B.

    Oh there awesome lol

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    Brill lol x

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    Love them there fab x

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    Yes yes yes YES! I bags unicorn :joy::joy:

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    Ooo their good xx

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    we need these for the girls :heart_eyes:

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    Their so cool xxx

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    OMG love these xxx

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    These. Are. Awesome x

  • Sammi-jo L.

    Oh my days!!!

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    These are fab X

  • Jessica C.

    It's also got headphones in, they're fab lol! X

  • Rebecca S.

    these are fab :blush: xx

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    These are cool x

  • Lizzie A.

    the girls would FREEEEEEAK!!!!! :heart_eyes::joy:

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    look how cool these are for the kids

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    These are so cool!

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    Fab aren't they xxx

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    Cool eh xx

  • Beckie L.

    Yeah defo going to invest xx

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    I'm on it

  • Jessica C.

    Definitely for the xmas list :ok_hand_tone1: will be here before we know it :sleepy:

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    Awww there cute lol x

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    The girls want these

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    Oh god!

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    Thank you xx

  • Katie D.

    these are well cool !

  • Kaye B.

    There is a one that is just a wooly hat with head phones

  • Mcb D.

    girls would love these x

  • Amy C.

    Love them!

  • Charlotte P.

    Just saw this and gutted I've already got headphones for him x

  • Kerrie F.

    They look cool :joy:

  • Emma S.

    Bought! Xx

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    These are fab xxx

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    these look well cool :laughing:

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      That's well cool!!!

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    OMG :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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    Sounds good :)

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    Cool! X

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    They look fab

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    Oooohhh yes!

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    Love them x

  • Sophie R.

    they do a star wars one to

  • Laura G.

    How ace are these xxx

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    These are awesome! :heart_eyes: Think he is going off Paw Patrol already though :joy::joy: xxx

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    Awwh there cute xx

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    kids would love thesse xxx

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    Least u would get peace lol xx

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    these look awesome! X

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    The BB8 ones :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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    Omg I need to get my boys these x

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    Think my kids would love these!

  • Denise C.

    They are class

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    Can we buy them in bulk? Lol

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    They r amazing x

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    Better than other headphones

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    well buy them lolololol

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    Thanx al love it! C

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    Haha! Thts kool x

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    That's great eh! X

  • Louise S.

    so we don't have to listen to irritating youtube videos.

    • Scott P.

      There awsome. . I want a nightmare before christmas one

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    how cool are they!!

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    Looks so good xxx

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    right the wee yin is getting the unicorn!!!! :joy::kissing_heart:

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    I saw these online.... They are cute! X

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    Totally bombing your post.....I love these!

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    I saw these yesterday and was going to tag u in them too xx

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    These are so cool!

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    Nevermind the kids i want them lol x

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    think the boys would use these xx

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    They are funky!!! Xxx :joy:

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    How cool are they haha xx

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    Toys r us also have them in

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    Omg that's the best thing ever!!!xx

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    Phahaha would love to see Toby in one of these x

  • Helen M.

    It is suprisingly. I tried a pair before putting away for christmas. I'm impressed.

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