Headphone Hats £19.99 And 3 for 2 @ Very

Headphone Hats £19.99 And 3 for 2 @ Very

Have you seen these amazing Headphone Hats? They're comfy headphones inside character hats so that your kids can transform into Paw Patrol's Chase, Elsa, or BB8 from Star Wars as they listen to music or watch videos. They're back in stock at £19.99 at Very, and they're in the 3 for 2 on gifts* as well!

These are soft, safe kids' headphones are volume limited to max 85 Db meaning their little ears are protected from high noise levels. The cosy fabric beanie means children can be comfy, and it's breathable fleece fabric means little ones won't over-heat.

They look great fun for little ones aged three and over, and they look super cute on the kids too.

Very offer free click and collect, or home delivery costs £3.99.


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  • Margaret C.

    There cool

    • Marylou W.

      How cool are these? x

      • Lauren C.

        Well cute. Xxx

        • Marylou W.

          Kids would love them xx

        • Lindsey S.

          these are amazing. X

          • Karen F.

            Brill lol x

            • Victoria S.

              Love them there fab x

              • Sarah L.

                Ooo their good xx

                • Kimberley I.

                  we need these for the girls :heart_eyes:

                  • Gail D.

                    These. Are. Awesome x

                    • Sammi-jo L.

                      Oh my days!!!

                      • Jessica C.

                        It's also got headphones in, they're fab lol! X

                        • Rebecca S.

                          these are fab :blush: xx

                          • Joanne H.

                            These are cool x

                            • Lizzie A.

                              the girls would FREEEEEEAK!!!!! :heart_eyes::joy:

                              • Katie B.

                                look how cool these are for the kids

                                • Jessica C.

                                  Definitely for the xmas list :ok_hand_tone1: will be here before we know it :sleepy:

                                  • Fran M.

                                    The girls want these

                                    • Leah B.

                                      Oh god!

                                      • Katie D.

                                        these are well cool !

                                        • Nicola D.

                                          My weans are daft enough without wearing these :joy::joy:

                                          • Nicola B.

                                            :joy::joy::joy: look like no righters

                                            • Katie D.

                                              Its not like they would be kicking about the streets with them :joy:

                                              • Nicola B.

                                                Michael would he's a nutter :joy:

                                              • Mcb D.

                                                girls would love these x

                                              • Charlotte P.

                                                Just saw this and gutted I've already got headphones for him x