Nattou Oasis Multi-Activity Ball £9.00 @ Amazon

Nattou Oasis Multi-Activity Ball £9.00 @ Amazon

nattouMultiActivitiesBallHere's an Amazon Deal of the Week for you (which means the price will stay the same until 11.59pm this Sunday (21 August)) - a Nattou Oasis Multi-Activities Ball for babies; it's up for grabs for £9.00 instead of £14.00.

I'm in the mood for simple toys today, I can't be doing with bells, whistles, boings, dings, tunes and flashing lights this morning (and no, I'm NOT hungover after a hectic weekend).

My love of simple toys that are educational is nothing new (if you're a regular reader then you'll already know this), they have an 'innocence' about them, are unpretentious and focus solely on their task in hand - to help develop babies senses without driving the parents round the bend or sending the family bankrupt due to battery costs.

The Nattou Oasis multi-activities ball has been designed to encourage your child to recognise sound, shapes and colours.

One of the six sections of this soft and cuddly ball is a mirror for baby to see his, or her, reflection and the inside of the ball contains crinkly noise material to get your baby's attention, whilst the other soft panels on the ball feature cute animal faces and coloured shape.

The Nattou Oasis Multi-Activities Ball is also BPA-free; hurrah!


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