Moshi Monsters Puzzleball Puzzle £3.97 @ Tesco

Moshi Monsters Puzzleball Puzzle £3.97 @ Tesco

Tesco are selling these rather fabulous Moshi Monsters puzzleball puzzles for £3.97 - Play are selling them for £9.

For all of my puzzle mania (which you'll be aware of if you've been with us, here at PlayPennies, for a while), I've never tried my hand at a puzzleball puzzle.  I don't know why, because they look really awesome and I know a few Moshi Monsters fans who'd love one of these MMs puzzleball puzzles.

It's certainly a different spin on your usual jigsaw and I'm sure that a spherical puzzle may cause them to raise their eyebrows at first, but before long those 54 pieces would start to fit together and then they'd be hooked!

You can't choose which Moshi Monsters puzzleball you get - which is a shame - and a couple of people over at HUKD have ordered four, in the hope they'll get at least one of the character they were after.  You could either return the three you don't want, afterwards, or keep them stashed away in a pressie drawer.

You could arrange to have your Moshi Monsters puzzleball puzzle delivered to your home, but it will cost you an additional £3 - far better to arrange to pick it up in-store for free.

Thanks to cad0910 at HUKD 


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