Mookie Scuttlebug Deals @ Amazon

If you've been on the prowl for a Mookie Scuttlebug deal then today is your lucky day because Amazon are currently offering some fairly decent deals on Mookie Scuttlebugs, that you can take advantage of, at the moment.

Seriously, what's NOT to love about the Mookie Scuttlebug?  They are cute and funky looking without being too 'sweet' and with no hint of girly, so boys aren't going to hate them.

They're great for scuttling around on - scuttling is far cooler than scooting when you're of a certain age - and they can be scuttled indoors without fear of damaging hard floors.

You can scuttle on them outdoors too, pretty much anywhere you like (although I'd avoid seriously rough terrain, that could be a little tricky) AND Mookie Scuttlebugs fold up to make it nice and easy to take them out and about, and store away when they're not required for scuttling duty.

Various different Mookie Scuttlebugs have had various amounts of discount applied - the cheapest one is the Scuttlebug BUNBLE, he's £18.78 instead of £29.99 at the moment.

I rather like the look of Scuttlebug ZOOM - he's predominantly white with red and blue stripes and, for some reason, just reminds me of the original Italian Job! Don't ask me why, I have no clue! He's £21.87 instead of £29.99.

Happy Mookie Scuttlebugging!

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