Microwave Teddies £6.39 @ Play

22 November 2010

microwaveTeddies I am utterly in love with these Microwave Teddies currently on offer at Play! I WANT ONE!

These guys are just too cute for words and I'm not sure I'd be able to choose between them, so buying both would be a very real possibility!

I'm sure most of us know the skinny on microwave teddies, but just in case you are new to their fabulousness...

  1. take one chilly morning/afternoon/evening and one microwave teddy
  2. put microwave teddy that has a tummy full of treated wheat grains, gently infused with lavendar, into the microwave for two minutes
  3. take out, CUDDLE and feel instantly warm and wrapped up in cosy loveliness!

All of my kids have microwave teddies.  The Teenagers still use theirs and my youngest has several that he likes to make hot and put in his bed - Stinky Lambkins and Hot Hippo work hard for him during the winter.

I do remember a story of someone whose daughter was utterly mortified when she saw her, already much-loved, new teddy going into the microwave to cook; if you think this could be your child too, perhaps don't let them witness that bit! Just the delicious warmness that comes after microwave incaceration!

Whether you choose the dinosaur microwave teddy or the puppy microwave teddy - they are both currently £6.39 instead of £9.99 and there's no delivery to pay either.

Thanks to kirajai over at HUKD!

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