Marvel Avengers: Thor Character Costume £3.99 @ Home Bargains

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I love that stage of childhood when kids are really into dressing up as their favourite movie characters or superheroes, and this is a fab deal if you've got one of those in your house. The Marvel Avengers Thor costume is just £3.99 right now at Home Bargains, reduced from £19.99.

It seems to be an all in-one jumpsuit style dressing-up costume with padding on the chest - of course - and it comes with the quintessential cape, too. Because no self-respecting hero leaves home without his or her cape.

I love the product description on the Home Bargains website, too. Check this out:

"So your friends have dressed as heroes? Aw, cute. ...You're a God! Beat that."

Pretty awesome. The Marvel Avengers Thor costume is available in three different sizes: Small (Ages 3-4 years), Medium (Ages 5-6 years) and Large (Ages 7-8 years) but if I were you I'd order up a size. In my experience - and my kids have got years of dressing up as their fave heroes under their belts, so I'm something of an expert - your kids won't care if their costume is a little roomy but they will be distraught if they outgrow it in a matter of weeks.

Mind you, at this price, it's worth getting the next size up and stashing that away for future use.

This item isn't available for the Home Bargains Click & Collect service, unfortunately, and UK home delivery is £3.49 which is a bit steep but since you're saving £16.00 I guess we can't complain.

With thanks to BargainHunter54321 @HUKD

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