Lost And Found (Oliver Jeffers) £2.99 @ Play

Lost And Found (Oliver Jeffers) £2.99 @ Play

Lost And Found (Oliver Jeffers) DVD £2.99 @ HMV

Play are selling copies of Lost and Found, a children's story by Oliver Jeffers, on DVD for just £2.99 - Amazon * are too, so you if Play run out of stock, or you just prefer Amazon, then you can pop over there too/instead.

I wrote about Lost and Found last year and said, at the time, I was going to have to recitfy the fact I'd not read the book (I'd not even heard of it actually) or seen the little movie adaptation - neither of these things have happened yet, and I can't believe a year has gone by already!

Lost and Found tells the story of a little boy who finds a penguin on his doorstep and, realising the penguin isn't happy being so far away from home, decides to row him all the way back to the South Pole.

That sounds SO cute to me and I know my youngest son would really love both the book and DVD - I've just decided to buy him both the book and DVD for Christmas, that way I'll definitely get to watch and read the story!  Here's what people who've already read/seen Lost and Found have to say about it...

"I have just watched this completely by accident on televsion, it came on and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I have come straight on here to buy it. The animation is absolutely wonderful, the story is warm and fuzzy, a nice tonic for my cynicism! I highly recommend this for all ages, im 25 and I found it spellbinding."

I was already sold before reading the above comment, but that absolutely seals the deal for me; but just in case you need to canvas opinion further, here are some more reviews from existing Lost and Found DVD owners...

"This animation is incredible. My little boy adores it and tells anyone and everyone about it. I am a massive fan of Oliver Jeffers' books, from one of which this animation is based upon, and therefore I was apprehensive on my first viewing.

My concerns melted away within seconds, the animation is breathtaking, and the narration and music complement it beautifully. If you are to buy one dvd this year, make it this one. I promise you won't be disappointed."

Still need more...?

"Brilliant. I loved it! My wife loved it! My grown up children loved it! My Grandchildren loved it! And it's just the right length to hold attention. A beautiful little gem!"

Well, if that's not enough to help you decide whether or not you want to own, and watch, the Lost and Found DVD then I think perhaps it's not the thing for you; for the rest of you, ENJOY!

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