Lloyds Pharmacy Voucher Code: 20% Off Back To School Essentials

24 August 2010

lloydsBackToSchool There is just a week or so to go before the kids go back to school - yippee! Here's a Lloyds Pharmacy voucher code to help you stock up so you can wage war on the bugs, germs and creepy crawlies that go hand in hand with going back to school.

  • Discount: 20%
  • Discount Code: BTS10
  • Applies to: Back to School essentials
  • Expires: 30 September 2010

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There's good old Sudocreme which is perfect for grazed knees and spots, by the way! Just dab a bit on a spot before you go to bed and it'll be LOTS better in the morning - perfect for teenage kids going back to school! I haven't been without Sudocreme since my oldest was born almost 16 years ago; marvellous stuff!

There are decongestants drops to ease blocked and stuffy noses - if your child is about to step into a classroom for the first time then brace yourself, you have a whole host of new cold and flu bugs heading your way!

Another hideous side effect of kids close together in a classroom is headlice. They are the most hateful things, and having spent far too many hours of my life combing them out of my daughter's hair I suggest you start thinking NOW about how you are going to deal with them should they strike your family!

And now I've made your head itchy at the merest thought of creepy crawlies in your hair, I'll leave you to go and browse around Lloyds for a solution.

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