LEGO Technic Helicopter £18.11 @ Amazon

QUICK! This is an fabulous price for the LEGO Technic 8068 Rescue Helicopter - £18.11 instead of £34.99, it's been slightly lower than this but not for a while.  I wish it was an Amazon Amazon Deal of the Week too, but it's not so the price could go up at any time (we know what Amazon are like).

I'm an AFOL - Adult Fan of Lego - and should my youngest son grow out of LEGO, I'm really not sure what I'm going to do!

LEGO of any kind is cool, but LEGO Technic is v e r y cool and, as far as I'm concerned, this LEGO Technic Helicopter is one of the coolest of the lot.

Before any flying can commence you must put all 408 pieces together to build the Rescue Helicopter then, and only then, can you get all technical with your model: turn the gear wheels to spin the main and tail rotors at the same time.

The doors open too and the winch lowers, allowing you to perform daredevil rescues; when that's done and you come into land you must remember to operate the retractable landing gear otherwise you'll belly flop onto the ground!

This LEGO Technic 8068 Rescue Helicopter set also rebuilds into a medical helicopter, so you've got two LEGO models for the price of one; marvellous.

Happy getting technical with LEGO!

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