Lego Technic Container Truck £39.99 @ Lego Shop

Yesterday I told you about a LEGO Technic Flatbed Truck, today I'm going to expand the fleet and tell you about a LEGO Technic Container Truck that should cost £49.99, but can be driven away for £39.99 - you can never have too many LEGO Technic trucks, honest!

So, the recommended age range is the same for this LEGO Technic Container Truck as for its flatbed cousin - between 10 and 16 years - but you know as well as I do that there are usually enough willing AFOLs  around (Adult Fans of Lego) to lend a helping hand whenever necessary.

The Power Functions will allow you to open the doors automatically (apparently, these aren't just any doors...they are realistic opening doors!), you can raise or lower the container, load and unload too and steer your LEGO Technic Container Truck around.

The LEGO Technic Container Truck measures 33cm in length, can be rebuilt as a tipper truck and requires six AA batteries which aren't included (booo!) in addition to that the Lego Shop are going to add on £3.95 for delivery.

I've had a quick look around elsewhere for this LEGO Technic Container Truck and this is still the cheapest price available, even with additional costs for delivery; Argos have it on sale as an online exclusive for £31.99 but best of luck trying to find a store between Lands End and John O'Groats that has any stock!

Thanks to rikmartin at HUKD 

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