LEGO Technic Bucket Truck 8071 £28.99 @ Amazon

LEGO Technic Bucket Truck 8071 £28.99 @ Amazon

Amazon are, for the moment at least, selling this LEGO Technic Bucket Truck for £28.99 instead of the usual £40.99 rrp.

Having a youngster who's into things like LEGO Technic can be both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand you'll never be short of present ideas for them but, on the other, it can get incredibly expensive - especially when the word LEGO is involved.

Christmas is sneaking up on us; the fabulously warm weather will have lulled most of us into a false sense of Christmas-is-still-ages-away security, but in just a matter of weeks it'll be dark by 4pm and we'll be scrapping ice off windscreens in the mornings.

Take advantage of this rather nice discount on this LEGO Technic Bucket Truck now and you'll not only save yourself some cash, but you'll be a step closer to wrapping up all the Christmas present buying for 2011.

You can steer it into position, extend the outriggers and use the articulated and rotating arm to position the bucket right where it’s needed and, according to the official blurb, you can rebuild the LEGO Technic Bucket Truck into a Telehandler...whatever one of those is!

Thanks to thingswelike at HUKD


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  • TynanShane
    cool! this is just a modern type of bucket truck which looks real cool!