LEGO Creator 6914 Prehistoric Hunters £8.99 @ Play

LEGO Creator 6914 Prehistoric Hunters £8.99 @ Play

If you have a LEGO fan who loves dinosaurs in your family then you're definitely going to want to take a look at this LEGO Creator 6914 Prehistoric Hunters set over at Play; they're selling it for £8.99, just now, rather than its original £12.99.

I know T-Rex was supposed to be scary - okay, not 'supposed to be', WAS scary - but I think this LEGO Creator Prehistoric Hunters version looks rather cute, in a strange sort of way.

His mouth opens to reveal all his teeth and he features strong moveable legs and a long tail.  He's also a three-in-one toy and can be rebuilt to become a flying Pterodactyl with moving wings or a poseable Brachiosaurus (I just had this rather amusing vision of a Brachiosaurus throwing some moves on a dance floor or strutting his stuff down a catwalk - I wonder about the places my brain goes to sometimes!).

This is a rather lovely little deal from Play as the rest of the prices from the usual suspects look a bit like this:

  • Argos £12.99
  • Asda £14.92
  • John Lewis £14.97
  • Tesco £17.97
  • Smyths Toys £17.98

There's no delivery to pay either, so just £8.99 all in to keep your little LEGO Dino' fan a happy little childosaurus.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD


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