Lamborghini Race Case £32 @ Sports Direct

Lamborghini Race Case £32 @ Sports Direct

If you're off on your holidays soon this is a sure fire way to get the kids to help with their own luggage - the Lamborghini Race Case! It's on offer at £32, down from £79.99 so that's less than half price.

It's a pull-along case styled like a Lamborghini race car, made out of moulded plastic, with four wheels and a pull-along handle. It comes in two colours, yellow and green, and both are the same price.

It's not a huge case, so there's not enough space everything you'd need for a long holiday, but for a weekend away or a sleepover this should do the trick, though to be honest I can see the kids wanting to use this all the time at home anyway!

Both Click and Collect and Standard Delivery are £4.99 each, but you do get a £5 voucher to spend in store when you opt for Click and Collect.

What do you think? You may never have to carry the kids bags again!


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  • Wendy E.

    How cool are these

    • Nena T.

      We have one bought it direct from the rep and the bat mobile one there brilliant

      • Kate D.

        Do the car wheels rotate too? x

        • Rebecca B.

          r they a decent size ? x

          • Nena T.

            Yes there brilliant, I can't send some pics on the am xx

            • Pauline R.

              Nena Thacker can you please give me the link for the bat mobile one xxxx

              • Nena T.

                I don't have a clue I went into the or leisure world in York (caravan shop) and there was a representative in there and he was wanting them to stock them, I fell in love and bought them but to be honest don't know the manufacturers name or anything. I'll send a picture of both

                • Nena T.

                  How do you actually post a picture?!!!

                • Eleanor F.

                  They're frigging wicked I want one that can accommodate my fat arse on it Haha. Xx

                  • Dan H.

                    Get a trolley! Lol

                    • Kerryann C.

                      Ah they're ace

                      • Caroline O.

                        I think teddy needs one!! xx

                        • Bryony D.

                          Can I get one in time for next holiday on Saturday?!

                          • Caroline O.

                            more holidays?! omg im jealous!! xx

                          • Samantha M.

                            Oh wow, they're amazing. Will get al on the case xxx

                            • Louise C.


                              • Kym M.

                                Oh wow that's good! I'll look that these thank you :) xxx

                                • Victoria E.

                                  I think they r slightly bigger than a trunki....looks ace!!

                                  • Ceri B.

                                    Love this x

                                    • Keighley C.

                                      Omg they really would love them! I even love them ll

                                      • Cherrie N.

                                        I'm thinking about it... Lol good Christmas present to put away x

                                        • Keighley C.

                                          Yes Chel thats a good idea lol xx

                                        • Nicola W.

                                          That's cool

                                          • Vicky T.

                                            Yes yes yes lol xx

                                            • Laura R.

                                              I know someone who would love this!!!

                                              • Danny D.


                                                • Laura R.

                                                  Haha yep got it in one. I'm ordering one for your birthday xxx

                                                  • Danny D.


                                                  • Touran A.

                                                    3x Christmas pressies??? Love them :heart::heart::heart: