Kidsstuffandthings Promotional Code

Kidsstuffandthings Promotional Code


I've got a juicy exclusive promotional code for PlayPennies parents - it's for 20% discount at, a site which sells a range of personalised CDs and DVDs for kids.

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  • Promotional Code: PLAYPENNIES20
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expires: 31st October 2010

The personalised CDs and DVDs look pretty cute!

I especially like the idea of a personalised lullaby rock CD (for £6.99 less the 20% discount, possibly £5.59), and so far there are Westlife, Michael Jackson, Elton John and Take That to choose from. I think it's a good idea to get baby into a bedtime routine, so if you play the same music at bedtime every night, it encourages the regime.

The Party Album is a good idea too. If you've got young kids, you always need to dig out some age-appropriate music to bop along to, for musical chairs, or pass the parcel. It has tunes like Hey Baby, Do The Conga, I Like To Move It - good fun, party tunes. It's only £6.99 too (or £5.59).

I also noticed that if you create a free account there, they also have a page of free stuff which you can download, like printable colouring books, and free kids mp3s.



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