JoJo Bows 2 Pack £7.99 @ B&M Stores

JoJo Bows 2 Pack £7.99 @ B&M Stores

Well look who's started selling JoJo Bows now? As well as Claire's and The Entertainer, your local bargain store B&M have just started selling them too, and at a cracking price! They are selling a pack of two bows for just £7.99, and seeing as they can cost as much as £10 each on their own that's a great price!

Unlike the copies being sold by their rivals Home Bargains, these are official JoJo Bows for those kids who won't be fooled by anything that's not the real thing.

It looks like there are just a couple of choices of designs available right now, but hopefully more will follow to help us parents save some more money!

B&M don't offer online shopping, so these are in stores only, and have just been publicised as new to stores, so fingers crossed you can get hold of them before they sell out!


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  • Stacey N.

    Seen these at weekend and forgot to pick them up was raging xx

    • Jaimee R.

      Wow thanks :blush: Santa is always watching hehe x

      • Chelsey B.

        :scream::scream: if only we had know about this last week would have saved £20 lol thank u xx

        • Natasha S.

          Oh god the collection is going to grow! One for everyday of the week now :joy:

          • Sue W.

            Hope our B&M as them :) x

            • Leah M.

              2 for 7.99? Bloody hell. I ordered some small school ones last week from Claires :smirk::smirk:

              • Charlotte H.

                Seen them this morning, we already have all the ones they like :joy: x

                • Carla S.

                  Ohhh guess where weer going later :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxxxx

                  • Arlene S.

                    Need to go get some big saving xxx

                    • Karolina W.

                      Does anyone know if these are the big full sized ones? :blush:

                      • Lisa M.

                        Was gonna say think we have enough but I know I will end up buying more :neutral_face: thanks xx

                        • Hannah L.

                          I got away with a 99p home bargains one the other day... she has no idea that it isn't jojo haha x

                          • Catherine L.

                            Good arnt they seen these yesterday wanted the blue one but they already got pink :thumbsdown_tone1::thumbsdown_tone1:xxx

                            • Nicky S.

                              Oooo thank you my favourite shop too :heart_eyes::joy:

                              • Heather M.

                                And iv just spend £20 on 2 big one that look horrible yet daughter loves them :joy: oh and little one similar only 79p in home bargings x

                                • Vikki S.

                                  I bet they won't have any when I get there tho xXx

                                  • Nicola D.

                                    Im hiding this from ella...jojo daft :joy::joy: conned me out another one yesterday xx

                                    • Cheralee W.

                                      I did see them the other day , I walked past then very qwick :joy:

                                      • Emma H.

                                        I seen them this morning I'm gonna let Elisha have a look and she can pick one herself

                                        • Sarah B.

                                          Omg! Thanks lovely. Good old B&M!! Xxxx