iPhone Case And Card Wallet £7 @ LyncMeUp

If EVER something could have been designed just for me, it's this iPhone case and card wallet, and to be able to pick one up for £7 instead of £30 is just too much of a bargain to let slip past.

I'm not one for massive handbags and I will always do my best to take out the bare minimum with me whenever I can - the less I take out, the less I can lose!  Sometimes I don't need to take keys and a whole ton of other things when I go out; sometimes I just need ONE card and my phone.

The thing is, my purse is quite big (it has lots of cards in it, driving licence, business cards etc) and, quite frankly, if I take that out I might as well just take my bag.  BUT, I don't just want to have one bank card floating around in my pocket - that scares me, it's too easy for it to fall out unnoticed - and if I leave home without my phone it's by accident.

So now you see how this iPhone case and card wallet is just PERFECT for me when I only need/want to take out a card and my phone.

I'm off to choose my colour now - as the deal is only valid until midnight - I'm torn between the plain black and the green one, then again the blue one is 'talking to me' too.  Definitely not the pink or white one - white will get filthy and I don't 'do' pink!

What do you think?

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