INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera & 10 Shot Bundle £33.97 Delivered @ Currys (Expired)

INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera £33.97

EDIT 2: Now sold out and removed from the Curry's website.

EDIT: The Curry's website is letting you place an order but some customers have had emails back saying stock will be delayed, or even cancelling their orders. Fingers crossed they manage to fulfill some of the orders!

When your kids are at that awkward age where Toys don't appeal to them as much as they used to, but they are still too young to just get Clothes... this INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera & 10 Shot Bundle is ideal. Grab it for the bargain price of £33.97 delivered today.

The INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera, made by FujiFilm, is a lightweight Camera that produces and prints instant images. All it weighs is 300 grams!

It's a hit with pre-teens and teenagers alike - heck, I am 33 and I want one!

Point the camera, press the shutter release and it'll churn out a credit card sized image quickly.

Comes with 10 shots included so there's no faffing about. The Replacement 20 Shot Pack* is only £9.99 from Argos!

Delivery is FREE of charge!

Thanks to Charlie0308


  • Hannah W.

    I want this for my birthday or Christmas :christmas_tree: please x

  • Gemma H.

    this is what Madi wants. X

  • Kellie W.

    is this a really good idea for a pressie for maddie or for my selfies :joy::joy::joy:

  • Sean O.

    Only 10 shots? Would be used within an hour lol x

  • Samantha H.

    You can buy the refills for them x

  • Sarah R.

    I got it for my birthday haha!

  • Danielle L.

    Ive just bought this lol :kissing_heart::joy::grin: x

  • Leila S.

    I’ve just ordered one for my step daughter as they are £70 on Amazon :scream: however I’ve instantly received an email saying there maybe a delay in delivery!

    • Claire J.

      I called them and they told me it will take 21 days for delivery as they are out of stock

  • Carla M.

    Was funny was talking to kids last night whether they wanted this or an instant mini printer you sit your phone on lol x

  • Lizzie H.

    Ordered it... Just saw it :)

  • Debbie S.

    It's the cost of the photo paper that's outrageous !

    • Gillian A.

      Currys have the refill packs on offer 2 for £9.99 instead of £20

  • Julie M.

    She would love it :heart_eyes:. Thats mad...I was just looking at lights yesterday you put round your bed or shelf or whatever and the clips lightup and hold these pics! I was gna get it but didnt know where i would get fotos for it like this. xxx

  • Claire D.

    That's fab isn't it thinks she love that xxx

  • Angela L.

    That's what I wanted for her! X

  • Vicki S.

    Seen this a few days ago. Shame the refills are so expensive! Xx

  • Kelly T.

    Am trya go on 2 order it but it isn't letting me x

  • Melissa O.

    I just ordered it for her xmas i tried to order more photo prints but they were only for pick up there from currys for £9.99 the camera comes with 10 but that wont be enough lol xxx

  • Hannah B.

    I saw this and thought it was good! I want one tho lol xxxxx

  • Holly C.

    I already bought it! Thanks though! I need cheap film now! X

  • Carly D.

    Looks like they're out of stock, :pensive:

  • Zophia W.

    Thanks I'm gona have a look now xx

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